John B. Wells Fired From ‘Coast To Coast AM’ for Being Too Popular and Truthful: An Exclusive Interview

I really like John, and am already signed up for his new program.

Go, John B.!!!

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From: Caravan to Midnight

John B. Wells Fired From Coast To Coast AM for Being Too Popular and Truthful: An Exclusive Interview

by  on February 6, 2014 in Red Alert


 John B. Wells has one of the most recognized voices in America, but unfortunately a million Americans will no longer get to hear his melodious voice on Saturday nights on what was his popular Coast to Coast radio broadcast.

The following is an exclusive print interview I conducted with John B. Wells on the evening of February 5, 2014. Why was this ever-so-popular host let go by some unidentified powers that be in the corporate structure at Coast to Coast?

On the surface, the firing of John B. Wells made no sense. However, as we peel back the public veneer that is Coast to Coast, the firing of John B. Wells was inevitable.

The Glory Days of Coast to Coast Are Gone

In days gone by, Coast to Coast was once the flag ship of the alternative media, which captured 500 stations in late night radio when the show was hosted by Art Bell. Bell blazed a trail that nobody had ever traveled before, as he brought subjects to the mainstream airwaves that was unprecedented in both its subject areas and its depth of coverage.

Bell’s meteoric rise to unprecedented popularity in late night radio continued unabated until Premier purchased control of the show for $8 million dollars. That is when the trouble began for Bell in terms of retaining editorial control of his show. When Art Bell relinquished control of his program to corporate interests, Premier and ultimately Clear Channel, Coast to Coast was never the same as the show took a turn and became reflective of “the corporate message”.

The Corporate Structure of Coast to Coast

One cannot fully appreciate the termination of host John B. Wells as the “Saturday night guy” on Coast without having some understanding of the corporate structure which came to dominate the show when Art Bell relinquished control of the show.

Premiere distributes Coast to Coast for its parent company Clear Channel Communications. Clear Channel has a long and well-known history of censorship and extreme retaliation for those who do not abide by the corporate line.

Clear Channel was once a major supporter of the George W. Bush candidacy for President and they tolerated no dissension within the ranks. They were responsible for the dramatic fall of the Dixie Chicks for espousing their anti-war views with regard to the war in Iraq. And in a case of extreme censorship, with regard to a case that I have some firsthand and personal knowledge of, a popular Phoenix talk show host, Charles Goyette was blackballed by Clear Channel for similar anti-war views. Charles was actually dismissed from KFYI radio when he was the number one radio personality in Arizona and the entire Southwest. When it comes to these corporate entities, having great ratings does not insulate one from being fired. Popular talk show hosts are expected to be the guardian of the corporate gate and as you will soon read, Wells is an oracle who quotes Voltaire and tells the truth, but he was a poor night watchman of the corporate controlled gate. Wells discovered that deviating from the company line (i.e. telling the truth) shortens the professional life expectancy of its top entertainers.

The Numbers Do Not Lie

After a period of prolonged instability following the departure of Art Bell as the primary host of Coast to Coast, George Noory entered the scene in 2003 where he has since remained. However, Noory’s listening numbers are nothing to write home about. Once upon a time, some estimated that Art Bell had somewhere around 6-12 million listeners on any given night. In contrast, Noory’s numbers are a paltry 275,000 to 300,000 listeners per night. However, George Noory is the perfect front man and his numbers take on a secondary level of importance because he is very good at protecting the corporate turf and is very careful to only take risks on subjects which the corporate sponsors do not care about (e.g. crystal skulls, near death experiences, psychic mediums, etc.). Gone are the former days of Art Bell’s hard hitting journalism which made the spooks inside of the alphabet soup agencies very uncomfortable.

Coast to Coast became a “vanilla broadcast” with occasional forays into controversy with guests such Jim Marrs. However, much of Coast to Coast today is what I call disguised controversy which presents the illusion of objective journalism.

John B. Wells temporarily bridged the gap of Art Bell’s former independent style that made him so popular to the present day version of Coast to Coast. John B. Wells was clearly the shining jewel of the Coast to Coast empire.

A Disturbance In the Force

John B. Wells is a self-confessed independent maverick with a streak of independence which makes him so very likely to convey the truth on his broadcasts. Wells had actually been hosting shows on Coast to Coast since 2005 as a fill-in until he was hired as the permanent host for Saturday nights in 2011.

John B. Wells’ numbers were anywhere between 750,000 to 1.2 million listeners for any given Saturday night. This ratings disparity could not have resonated well with George Noory who is not known for being humble. …

The Beginning of the End

I first heard that John was going to begin his own independent show back in the late fall/early winter of 2013. The new show was going to be called Caravan to Midnight. I was told that he was going to try to simultaneously do both shows. I was also told that his new show would be a “no holds barred” show. It was at that time that I told my News Director, Annie De Riso, that Coast to Coast would never permit both shows to exist simultaneously. Can you imagine what the listening public would say if Wells were to interview former CIA operative Jim Garrow on his new Caravan to Midnight show and that interview was much more revealing than anything ever heard on Coast to Coast from the same guest? It would have been obvious for even the most blind to see, that Coast to Coast practices censorship. Therefore, Wells could not be allowed to broadcast on both venues.

My predictive words were to be proven true. On January 25, 2014, Wells formally announced the launch of his new show, Caravan to Midnight, which would debut on February 3, 2014. Subsequently, John was unceremoniously fired by Julie Talbot on January 28, 2014. By that evening, I noticed that every reference to John B. Wells was scrubbed from the Coast to Coast website. Please allow me to speak clearly to one key point, the firing of John B. Wells was prima fascia evidence that the corporate structure (i.e. Clear Channel) of Coast to Coast still practices the same extreme censorship as we saw with the Dixie Chicks and Charles Goyette in a case of the same song, different verse.

Censorship was already being practiced on Wells’ show as all too often, his show would experience technical failures and  be taken down in large local markets by such things as Amber alerts or just plain old dead air [happened in Anchorage on KENI multiple times – editor]. In contrast, Noory’s show rarely experiences the same issues. Wells said that the technical failures happened most often when he was interviewing a controversial guest in this first hour [when listenership is highest – editor]. Coincidentally, this past Sunday, my network reran the October 6, 2013 interview I did with John and the interview went silent. The commercials still played, but the dialogue between myself and John went black.

The decision to let Wells go must have been an agonizing one as Wells’s ratings were so good. However, there can be no question that Noory was instrumental in the decision to fire Wells. There can also be no doubt that George Noory’s ego was certainly a factor in dismissal of Wells. Noory’s penchant for complete control and intolerance towards dissenting opinion is  well-known to many and it was only a matter of time until either Noory or Wells had to go and the corporate golden-haired boy won out over the truth teller. Interestingly, Wells never looked at his situation as a competition, as he said, “I simply focused on doing my job”. Adding fuel to the fire, I had long heard reports which stated that Noory attempted to garner key guests before Wells could interview them in an obvious attempt to close the ratings gap between he and Wells.

A Most Insincere Farewell

After I heard the news that John B. Wells was fired from Coast to Coast, I tuned into the show to hear what Noory would say about the event. The announcement by Noory that Wells was no longer a part of the show and the network was “going in a different direction”, absolutely lacked sincerity. Based on my observation of Noory’s demeanor on the night following the Well’s dismissal, it was my personal observation that Noory was pleased to have the major threat to his status as the King of late night radio banished from the scene. In addition, the corporate controlled message was preserved and everybody won when Wells was fired, except for the listening audience. Personally, I am saddened by John’s departure, however, I am relieved because I can now catch up on my sleep because there is not much worth listening to on Coast to Coast in my humble opinion.

A Victory For the Truth Movement

Never before has the alternative media seen such a seismic shift. The departure of John B. Wells from Coast to Coast represents a major shift in the demographics which will soon be flooding the truth movement. It is often said that a rising tide lifts all boats and this is the effect that Wells’ departure from Coast will have on our industry. Tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people will defect to John’s new endeavor, Caravan to Midnight (airing Monday through Thursday from 10am-1pm CST). …

A New Beginning

John told me that many of his passions include stopping immigration so that more Americans can find work, to getting elected officials to follow the Constitution.

John’s new show, Caravan to Midnight, is totally listener supported. Subscriptions can be purchased at the website for $60 for 12 months.

The historical significance of this event cannot be overstated. John B. Wells will largely be responsible for the “true” waking up of millions of Americans. On that note, I am glad to welcome John to the alternative media, as both a friend and a colleague. I also pray for John’s well-being because the power shift that is about to occur will certainly draw the unhappy attention of the self-proclaimed power elite in this country.

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John B. Wells Fired From ‘Coast To Coast AM’ for Being Too Popular and Truthful: An Exclusive Interview

29 thoughts on “John B. Wells Fired From ‘Coast To Coast AM’ for Being Too Popular and Truthful: An Exclusive Interview

  1. Mick

    John B. Wells was certainly no ray of light and I am glad that he was taken off the show.

    When he went on the air and said that the killing of school children by gunmen was “good in a way” because it exposed some government involvement then he was essentially finished with the show. I have never heard anyone who was more disrespectful towards grieving parents. What an awful man.

    His government conspiracy drivel was sickening and he pandered to the lowest common denominator. I’m sure that Art Bell would want nothing to do with this person.

  2. Mick

    You had better check out this guy’s long list of “hates” for everybody in his fantasy –conspiracy driven world because its a long list. He had that rep long before he showed up at coasttocoast am.

    There is no mistaking what he said because that is exactly what he said and hundreds of people were appalled and they complained to the Chorus network about this fool. He was warned by management but kept it up. He blamed the Boston bombings on President Obama–simply nutcase stuff– like his good pal Alex Jones who made a fool of himself of national television. The two of them should get married.

    He even taunted the parents who were speaking out for tighter gun control. It sounded like a five year old in the playground. I have never heard anything so heartless and cruel and it came at a time when the nation was in mourning. He is a jerk with no feelings for those who are in terrible pain and that’s why he’s gone from the show. Nobody will miss him especially Noory who is no bright light but at least has some feelings of compassion for parents whose lives have been destroyed.

    As for you, it sounds like you need to be de-programmed before you hurt someone. Blast off with all of your hatred.

    1. Mick Snake,

      I don’t trust your take on anything John says. You are clearly out to get him for some reason.

      I listened to most of his shows on ‘Coast’ in the past year, and I don’t recall anything heartless from him, ever.

      Sounds like you’re going to other sites to slander him, perhaps even paid to do it.

  3. Mick

    How gullible you are.

    You are just another conspiracy kook. I’m getting paid to bash this guy?-right–that sounds just like Well’s conspiracy theory that Obama hired special ops guys to blow up the Boston runners. The same as his theory that Bush was responsible for 911. The same as his theory about Aliens controlling the government.

    I hope that you and your wife never suffer the indignity of losing an innocent child while your hero, mean Mr. Wells, taunts you about how the President and his special ops guys (false flag I think he calls it) set the whole thing up. Wake up and look at this guy for what he really is.

  4. Mick

    Your web page makes me laugh. It’s full of all kinds of Christian sayings from the Bible but you have a web page devoted to a guy like Wells who preaches about guns, guns and more guns. He talks about “rising” up against the government and constantly promotes conflict and violence. I guess that fits well with your “power to the peaceful” which I take it is some perversion of Lennon’s peace anthem.

    Your devotion here is a mockery of Christianity and everything that Jesus stood for.

    I’ll let you have the last word here because that’s what you conspiracy types crave. Go on preaching your garbage but the next time some innocent school children are killed, think about your hero Wells and how he has helped to foster anti-government and anti-society hatred amongst minds that are already sick with paranoia and grief. Indeed, he has quite a resume and I guarantee you that his new show will flop in short order.

  5. Long time Coast listener.

    Kinda glad he’s gone. Politics, politics, politics… all he ever talked about. No variety at all… I wouldn’t listen on the weekends when he was on. I’m back now.

    1. In defense of John B. and truth: anyone can check Coast’s archives to see that John covered much more than “politics, politics, politics.” And John covers a lot more than politics on his new show too. John is into reality, not illusion. He says it straight, and is into straight topics getting to the heart of the matter.

      John avoided what George Noory’s main focus is: the paranormal — convincing people they don’t have to fear life after death not having submitted to Christ. George even goes into Satanism, somewhat. Much of ‘Coast’ is actually anti-Christian propaganda.

      I see that Bigfoot is the scheduled topic on 3/7 on ‘Coast.’

      John wanted to cover real events and topics that really matter — which is why I loved his shows, and love his new show very much!

      If people want to be lulled into hell, ‘Coast to Coast AM’ is a good venue to frequent. Mystical, New Age is probably the main theme now; though, they’ll still have an occasional very worthwhile show.

      So it depends upon one’s point of view. If a person is willfully sinning and doesn’t want to submit to Christ, ‘Coast’ is like a family support group for New Age mysticism. “I’m okay; you’re okay; we’re all okay.” Let’s hold hands as the ship goes down. George will even hold your hand on those lonely holiday nights.

      It’s more and more clear that George Noory is a puppet on a string, willing to do whatever to stay at the helm. He used to openly say to avoid Ouija boards. Now he’s had entire shows on the subject — even how to use them — which is basically: how to open yourselves up to be led by demons in this obvious, occult way:

      I’ll still check the ‘Coast’ schedule to listen to the occasional shows worth listening to. ‘Coast’ has gone over to the dark side more than ever, now.

      Truth can be mostly heard at John B. Wells new venue, where he can say whatever he wants, now:


      1. Long time Coast listener.

        The paranormal is just one reason people listen to coast. John B covered the same tired political hearsay propaganda. If people wanted to hear it he’d still be on. Think about it?? Oh wait… I guess that’s a conspiracy too, eh?! “Caravantomidnight” … LOL… how original!? Enjoy John B covering how George Bush along with Obama staged the Boston Marathon bombing for the 500th time so they can take guns away from hillbillies in West Virginia… knock yourself out, man. I’ll skip that B.S. and find better stuff to do with my life. 🙂

    2. Mick

      I am glad that someone else gave up listening to this person on Saturday nights because I was sickened by what I heard and so were many others.

      The original Dreamland show under Art Bell was designed as an alternative to politics and nutcase conspiracy rants. That’s why the show took off in terms of popularity, it was different. Sure, it was full of silly Bigfoot, UFO and paranormal stuff but that was to be expected because it was tongue in cheek material that wasn’t meant to be taken seriously– it was harmless. You would have to be a fool to think that there are submarines on the moon and even Bell acknowledged how eccentric the guests were. He laughed at a lot of them and people laughed along with him. Crazy or not, it didn’t hurt anyone. In many ways it was like the old Twilight Zone shows from the 1960’s.

      Then Noory took over and all of the sudden this crazy “World Government” and “illuminati” manure started showing up on a regular basis.This was followed by the addition of Wells who took it a step further and starting insulting the President with all this wacko stuff about blowing up children and staging these tragedies so that “guns would be taken away” and the American people would be enslaved. What nonsense– and the worst of it was that after slandering the President he proudly proclaimed his Christian values to the listening audience. Would a true Christian ever slander people this way or tell the audience that our own government was responsible for 9-11. Jesus would be disgusted by this crap and to be certain, many listeners were. Like you and I they started tuning out because they were disturbed and offended by what they heard. That’s why he got cut from the show.

      I like George Knapp and am once again listening on the weekends to material that was never meant to be taken seriously. Accordingly, there is a huge difference between entertainment and hate mongering.

      1. Long time Coast listener.

        Art covered “world government” and the “illuminati” too. Art just went over other subjects too. George does this also. …and with all do respect. Our current President does suck… that’s not slander. It’s fact! 🙂

        1. Mick

          I’m no Obama fan either but I’m pretty sure that he was not behind the Boston bombings with an agenda that said people’s guns would be taken from them.

  6. Long time Coast listener.

    “◾I’m no Obama fan either but I’m pretty sure that he was not behind the Boston bombings with an agenda that said people’s guns would be taken from them.”

    I agree with you.

    1. I listened to all of the shows in which the Boston bombings would have been discussed. I never heard John B. say that Obama was behind the Boston bombings. Mick Snake, here, is claiming things about John B. that he isn’t backing up with facts, calling John B. a “hate monger,” which is the absolute opposite of what is true, and is slander.

        1. Obama is a communist, mentored by his communist dad:

          [video] Alex’s 3rd interview with director Joel Gilbert: “Dreams From My Real Father” presents the case that Barack Obama’s real father was Communist Party USA propagandist Frank Marshall Davis

          Regarding the Wicked-pedia quote: “hate” was the guy’s phrase, and isn’t in quotes. Yes, there are other slanderers out there too. John probably likes the man, Obama, but has strong feelings about him being President — as many people rightly do.

          But Obama is just a globalist puppet, just like Bush/Cheney were, and Romney would have been.

          You don’t have to listen to John B. anymore, so why are you going on sites, labeling John as a hater?

          Because you hate John B. Wells. That’s very clear.

          You, Mick Snake are the hater.

          And you’re hating a man who is trying to bring positive change to the dismal state we’re in, which is in part because of lying and deceiving Presidents like Clinton, Bush and Obama — who have actively destroyed this country while ‘Coast’ now majors on the paranormal and demon stuff, instead of the true Light, Jesus Christ, who calls every man to repent, including you.

          Now, you don’t have to hear about God anymore, since ‘Coast’ excised the only host who would mention God.

  7. Mick

    You listened to all of the shows–ya sure you did. He openly stated that he saw “special ops” guys at the Marathon just before the bombings. You right wing wack jobs are all the same, praise God and pass the ammunition. Maybe you should go on CNN the next time Well’s idol, Alex Jones is on (the mad-man conspiracy kook and laughing stock of the entire country). He is about as bright as the rest of you guys.

    1. Mick Snake,

      There were special ops guys at the Marathon.

      You said he said that Obama did it, which he didn’t say.

      You’re twisting, and you really are slandering John B.. God will judge you, even if you follow another.


  8. Mick

    God will judge me for telling you some of the facts about this goof you worship and all his kooky theories about government conspiracies? Wow, you really need help. I suggest that you leave your compound in the wilderness ASAP before it turns in Waco part II.

    1. God will judge everyone who malign other people, misrepresenting who they really are — just like you are me here too, now. Nothing you say here about me is true.

      And anyone can read this blog and my spiritual blog to see that I don’t want anything to do with violence, but speak up against it. I don’t want anything to do with the “1776 will rise again” mentality. That’s where I differ with Alex Jones.

      I believe that if we don’t win the infowar, which I think is impossible to win now, since the people who have spoken out for the truth have been silenced — the media being controlled by the corporatocracy, and guys like you maligning truth tellers — that it is likely we will all see the end of America when Russia/China successfully nuke us.

      And that might be a good time for the Christians who tried to warn the people to do mission work in a foreign country.

      I don’t want anything to do with a violent revolution.

      And I don’t worship people either, but I do appreciate a bold and very interesting truth teller who loves his own country and others, and who is trying to make a difference in a very interesting way.

  9. Keefer1958

    My God people. If you can’t spell and use proper grammar, don’t expect anyone to take you seriously. Some of you sound like fourth-graders. No wonder America sucks. I’m ashamed to call myself an American if this is how my fellow countrymen express themselves. Get a little pride, learn to spell and speak properly, then maybe the rest of the world will “RSPECT” us again. Hell, even our “president” can’t spell.

  10. Anonymous

    This whole article is full of crap research the ratings for your self, John wells was fried because of his right wing bias was causing listeners to ditch the show as they would if it would be left wing bias , people that listen to coast to coast dont want to hear the policital diatribe, that what day time talk radio is for and it nothing but crap spewing to play on your emotions,

    1. John had the highest listernership, by far.

      Many don’t listen to most of George Noory’s shows because they’re disinfo, unimportant nonsense, even witchcraft.

      George’s ratings aren’t very good at all. John had the ratings.

      George does whatever he has to in order to stay at the helm.

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