Joel Skousen: Russia and China are the Biggest Military Spenders — “Western military disarmament has always led to another world war — without exception”

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World Affairs Brief, February 7, 2014 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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Although the world is starting to wake up to the fact that Russia and China are spending billions on rearmament, they never seem to come to the conclusion that they are a real threat. Russia will begin construction on nine submarines in the next two years, including four of the new strategic missile Borey class. But China’s build rate is much higher. Here’s the story by the UK Telegraph:

Soaring defense budgets in China and Russia mean global military spending is growing for the first time in five years, according to new forecasts. Spending across Asia and the Middle East is surging even as the military powers of Europe and the US are forced to scale back dramatically in the face of austerity cuts – contributing to a steady change in the balance of military power.

The figures were disclosed as the secretary general of Nato issued a stark warning that the West will cede influence on the world stage because of its falling spending. Anders Fogh Rasmussen said he was concerned about falling funding in Washington and European capitals while there was a military spending spree in Russia and China.

The admission that the West is “ceding military influence” hides the real issue: that Western military disarmament has always led to another world war—without exception. Kris Osborn of talks about the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) report on how China is rapidly building its blue water navy.

The Chinese navy has ambitious plans over the next 15 years to rapidly advance its fleet of surface ships and submarines as well as maritime weapons and sensors, according to a U.S. Navy report… ONI leaders found that China’s navy has evolved from a littoral force to one that is capable of meeting a wide range of missions to include being “increasingly capable of striking targets hundreds of miles from the Chinese mainland.”

The Chinese navy has 77 surface combatants, more than 60 submarines, 55 amphibious ships and about 85 missile-equipped small ships [the US has 193 combat ships]. The report explains that more than 50 naval ships were “laid down, launched or commissioned” in 2013 and a similar number is planned for 2014.

During the late 1990s, “virtually all of [China’s] ships and submarines were essentially single-mission platforms, poorly equipped to operate beyond the support of land-based defenses,” ONI said. Now, China’s newest destroyer, the Luyang III-class DDG, will likely enter service this year, featuring a sophisticated phased array radar system. …

Overall, the Navy’s intelligence leadership believes that 85 percent of the Chinese naval fleet will be deemed “modern” by the U.S. by 2020.

There’s that date again—showing that China will be close to readiness for war in the next decade.

ONI raised concerns about China’s fast-growing submarine force, to include the Jin-class ballistic nuclear submarines, which will likely commence deterrent patrols in 2014, according to the report. The expected operational deployment of the Jin SSBN “would mark China’s first credible at-sea-second-strike nuclear capability,” the report states.

The submarine would fire the JL-2 submarine launched ballistic missile, which has a range of 4,000 nautical miles and would “enable the Jin to strike Hawaii, Alaska and possibly western portions of CONUS [Continental United States] from East Asian waters,” ONI assessed. [But that’s a disingenuous statement. Those same subs have already launched a missile from off the coast of California that can hit anywhere on our mainland.]

The report says the Chinese currently have five nuclear attack submarines, four nuclear ballistic missile submarines and 53 diesel attack submarines. Overall, China’s fleet of submarines has quickly increased in offensive weapons technology over the last 10 years. A decade ago, only a few Chinese submarines could fire modern anti-ship cruise missiles. Now, more than half of the conventional attack submarines are configured to fire ASCMs, the report states.

“The type-095 guided missile attack submarine, which China will likely construct over the next decade, may be equipped with a land-attack capability,” the assessment explains. This could enable Chinese submarines with an enhanced ability to strike U.S. bases throughout the region, the report adds.

Overall, according to current trends over the next 10 years, China will complete its transformation into an extensive, modern, high-tech naval force with global reach and influence.


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