(video) Mike Adams: The Ebola Scare

This seems kind of alarmist to me. Mike is more concerned about this outbreak than seems warranted (see my links below), but he makes many good points regarding a future, worse outbreak. So I’m posting.
Also, this is on John B. Wells’ Caravan to Midnight show, of which he is now posting more YouTube videos, which I’m excited about. I’m a subscriber, and it’s been kind of a bummer to watch shows I’d like to share. Now, I’ll be able to share some.
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Nutritional suggestions, including herbs at minute-1:9:45[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNv9DX8t-ME]Caravan To Midnight – Episode 152 The Ebola Scare with Mike Adams

John B. Wells

John B. Wells

Published on Oct 22, 2014

Episode 152 – Today on Caravan To Midnight we are joined by former airline captain and Reserve Deputy Sheriff Mark Baird for insights into how we can correct our current eco-political situation. The second half, Mike Adams Health Ranger joins us for specific information on the recent Ebola scare and shares details on how to stay ahead of the curve.

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(video) Joel Skousen: Ebola a Prelim to Something Bigger Further On

Skousen: Ebola a Hoax? Not so Fast — “I do not think the government intends this relatively hard-to-spread form of Ebola to become a pandemic—but perhaps to spread its infection enough among Africans so as to harvest a mutant form of the virus that might become more easily infectious”

(video) Wayne Madsen Breaks Down The CIA’s Ebola Petri Dish History & Israel’s ’82 and ’96 plans to overthrow Middle East countries

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