Skousen: RUSSIA’S PREPARATIONS TO FIGHT AND WIN A NUCLEAR WAR • The US is actively inviting a first strike against our forces by disarming while Russia cheats—and we don’t even have a treaty with the Chinese for them to cheat on, so it’s full steam ahead for all the major nuclear powers except the US • The US will do anything to coverup or downplay the Chinese threat • The Chinese have over 3,000 miles of tunnels to hide their mobile missiles

Joel Skousen comments on Michael Snyder’s 11/24/14 article: 10 Signs That Russia Is Preparing To Fight (And Win) A Nuclear War With The United States

Joel estimates Russia and China will be ready by as soon as 2020. See my related links, below.

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World Affairs Brief, November 28, 2014 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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Kudos to Michael Snyder this week for joining the fight to warn the world about the growing Russian threat. As usually, he always crafts his writings as “10 or 20 Signs” of something which end up being a bit contrived for the numbers sake. Still, here are some of the better excerpts from “10 Signs That Russia Is Preparing To Fight (And Win) A Nuclear War With The United States.”

If the United States and Russia fought a nuclear war, who would win? You might be surprised by the answer. Under the Obama administration, the rapidly aging U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal has been shrinking [and they have been deliberately disarming what we do have, even though the Russians are cheating on those same arms control treaties]. Meanwhile, the Russians have been developing an entirely new generation of bombers, submarines and missiles that have the capability of delivering an absolutely crippling first strike. At this point, most Americans consider a full-scale nuclear war to be inconceivable [due to all the anti-war and anti-nuclear propaganda].

But in Russia attitudes are completely different. To the Russians, the United States is enemy number one these days and the Russians are feverishly preparing for a potential military showdown. Of course the Russians don’t actually want to have to resort to nuclear war. [Very naive of Snyder. In reality, the Soviet Union never fell and the Continuing Soviets continually practice for a pre-emptive nuclear strike on US military forces]

A lot of Americans are still operating under the faulty assumption that the doctrine of “mutually assured destruction” still applies. The thinking was that both sides had so many nuclear missiles that a launch by one side would guarantee the destruction of both parties. [That’s never been true, including the myth of a nuclear winter.]

But since that time, so much has changed. [Because the US is actively inviting a first strike against our forces by disarming while Russia cheats—and we don’t even have a treaty with the Chinese for them to cheat on, so it’s full steam ahead for all the major nuclear powers except the US.] For one, the U.S. nuclear arsenal is far, far smaller than it was back then. Back in 1967, the U.S. military possessed more than 31,000 strategic nuclear warheads. Now, we only have 1,642 deployed, and that number is scheduled to be further reduced to about 1,500. Sadly, reducing the size of our nuclear arsenal by close to 95 percent is not enough for anti-nuke crusader Barack Obama. He has spoken of unilaterally reducing the size of our strategic nuclear arsenal down to just 300 warheads.

During this same time period, the Russians have been developing some very impressive stealth delivery systems which have the capability of hitting targets inside the United States within just minutes of an order being issued. This is particularly true of their submarine-launched missiles. The newest Russian subs have the ability to approach our coastlines without us even knowing that they are there… And if the Russians have an anti-ballistic missile system that can intercept the limited number of rockets that we can launch in return, they may be able to escape relatively unscathed. In order for “mutually assured destruction” [MAD] to work, we have to see the Russian missiles coming and have enough time to order a launch of our own.

That’s called Launch on Warning, wherein we launch upon satellite warning of a Russian/Chinese attack. When you use launch on warning our missiles are out of their silos by the time the incoming attacker’s missiles hit—striking empty silos. Whereas the one who launches second can target the enemy’s nuclear facilities that are still operational.

Mutually Assured Destruction was sold to the world based on the flawed premise that nuclear powers would hit each other’s cities and kill everyone. But this is simply not anyone’s first strike strategy. Nobody wants to destroy the world, but rather kill military targets and then blackmail the world into submission. The winner can then run their version of global government.

The US knows this and is setting up our military for unilateral destruction—by issuing Presidential Decision Directive 60 (PDD-60) in 1997 instructing our nuclear forces to “not rely on Launch on Warning” but to be prepared to “absorb a nuclear first strike and retaliate afterwards,” which appears suicidal. But our leaders aren’t suicidal, they intend to survive and win a nuclear war. That’s why they are building and modernizing all their deep underground bunkers.

They will use the decapitation of US military forces and missiles to drive all of us into accepting a militarized global government and then bring out heretofore secret defense and weapons systems to win the war (which won’t be easy) under the banner of the New World Order. That, in a nutshell, is why the US isn’t doing anything to stop North Korea (the probable trigger event), or deter Chinese and Russian disarmament. So, here are Snyder’s 10 signs that Russia is preparing to fight (and win) a nuclear war with the US:

#1 Russia is spending an enormous amount of money to develop the PAK DA Strategic Bomber. Not a lot is known about this stealth bomber at this time.

#2 Russian nuclear bombers have been regularly buzzing areas in northern Europe and along the coast of Alaska. The Russians appear to be brazenly testing NATO defenses.

#3 Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu says that Russian nuclear bombers will now conduct regular patrols “in the western Atlantic and eastern Pacific, as well as the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico“.

#4 Russia is constructing an anti-ballistic missile system which will supposedly be superior to anything that the U.S. currently has. [True. All their interceptors have explosive warheads. Ours do not.] The S-500 missile is intended to be capable of intercepting intercontinental ballistic missiles when combined with radar input from the likes of the new A-100 AWACS aircraft. It is supposed to be able to track and shoot at up to 10 supersonic targets at any one time at heights of up to 40km.

#5 Russia recently successfully test launched a new submarine-based intercontinental ballistic missile…The RSM-54 intercontinental ballistic missile Sineva (NATO code name SS-N-23 Skiff) is part of the D-9RM launch system.

#6 Russia already possesses super silent nuclear attack submarines that are virtually undetectable when submerged… That means that the Russians are able to sail right up to our coastlines and launch nukes whenever they want. [He’s confusing attack subs with ballistic missile subs. The super silent attack subs are sub hunters, NOT ballistic missile subs.]

#7 Russian media outlets are reporting that 60 percent of all Russian nuclear missiles will have radar-evading capability by 2016. [There’s no evidence of this yet, nor of their claimed maneuvering warheads, which is very difficult to do at many times the speed of sound and high reentry temps]

#8 For the first time ever, Russia has more strategic nuclear warheads deployed than the United States does… Russia now has 1,643 warheads deployed on intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine-launched ballistic missiles and heavy bombers. The United States has 1,642, said the fact sheet released Wednesday. [The US has zero direct knowledge of what the Russians have in terms of missiles and warheads. We have never been allowed to inspect all of their facilities, notably the huge and secret underground Yamatau Mountain complex. You can bet the true number of warheads is many times higher.] The warhead count for the Russians, based the Sept. 1 report required under the 2010 New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), shows an increase of 131 warheads since the last declaration on March 1. The U.S. reported a warhead increase of 57 during the same period. It is not clear why the warhead numbers increased. [US numbers of Russian warheads are simply an assumption that the Russians are in compliance with all treaties—a laughable idea meant only to deceive the American public. Notice that even when the US says the Russian count has increased rather than decreased, they never protest or explain how they know this, and no one asks.]

#9 Russia has a massive advantage over the United States and NATO when it comes to tactical nuclear weaponsNATO countries have only 260 tactical nuclear weapons in the ETO. The United States has 200 bombs with a total capacity of 18 megatons. They are located on six air bases in Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Turkey. France has 60 more atomic bombs. That is pretty much it. Russia, according to conservative estimates, has 5,000 pieces of different classes of TNW – from Iskander warheads to torpedo, aerial and artillery warheads! The US has 300 tactical B-61 bombs on its own territory, but this does not change the situation against the backdrop of such imbalance. The Americans are well aware of this. They were convinced before that Russia would never rise again… [Nonsense. The US government always knew that the fall of the Soviet Union was a deception but they covered for the Russians.]

#10 Russian President Vladimir Putin has initiated a huge “weapons modernization program” that is projected to cost the equivalent of 540 billion dollars…

That includes tens of new ballistic missiles each year (SS-24s or Topol M road mobile missiles—which cannot be targeted), while the US just removed all of the triple warheads from our remaining 400 Minuteman III missiles, reducing them to 1 warhead each.

The China Threat: We have almost no firm intelligence on how many missiles and warheads the Chinese have, but the US estimate of a 100 is laughable, deliberately underplaying the China threat. The Chinese have over 3,000 miles of tunnels to hide their mobile missiles. Also from Snyder:

Just the other day the Chinese successfully tested a new submarine-launched intercontinental ballistic missile… China’s JL-2 second-generation intercontinental-range submarine-launched ballistic missile, which has the ability to reach the continental USA, is already believed to be deployable by the People’s Liberation Army.

As I pointed out in prior years, the US will do anything to coverup or downplay the Chinese threat. The Chinese were even so bold as to infiltrate both the California coast (undetected during a naval exercise, no less) and the Gulf coast where they launched a ballistic missile into the sky which hundreds witnessed. The Pentagon tried to tell the public it was a jet contrail from an aircraft.

Snyder summarizes the deplorable state of public awareness, for which I fully blame the media and the government who purposely downplay these threats while they are in full preparation for nuclear war, both as a government and as individuals building private bunker-style shelters under their luxury homes in the Rockies.

Most Americans do not believe that any of this is a concern whatsoever. Most Americans just assume that a full-scale nuclear war is virtually impossible [and that if the government and media aren’t worried, it can’t be a real threat]. But the truth is that a successful first strike against the United States is more possible today than it ever has been before. Hopefully the American people will wake up to this reality before it is too late.

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