(audio) Haskill: Paul McCartney Not Paul, Best Evidence — Skull structure, eye color, height, and fake ears; plastic surgery on his chin, lip, eyes and ears in his mid twenties

There are many clues that seem to indicate that the original Beatle, Paul is dead, or was replaced for some reason. But researcher Kurt Haskell narrows it down to these seemingly undeniable proofs as the best evidence:

“How many guys do you know have had plastic surgery on their chin, lip, eye and ears, especially when you’re only in your mid twenties?”

“The four things I mention are what is leading me towards this opinion: the skull structure, the eye color, the height, and the fake ears.”

– Kurt Haskell, Proof Negative Radio Show 3/3/15

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

* * *

Listen Here (Starts at 1:03:30):

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