Why CSN Let Neil Young Lead During 2006 Anti-war Tour — "Not because he demands it, not because he bosses people around. It's because HE THINKS ABOUT THIS STUFF ALL THE TIME" – David Crosby

As I watched the CSNY / Deja Vu “freedom of speech tour” video, this statement by David Crosby struck me as a profound explanation about who should lead in relationships:

CSNY is not a democracy. It’s a dictatorship. but it’s a benevolent dictatorship. Neil is in charge. And that’s not because he demands it, and that’s not because he bosses people around. It’s because *he thinks about this stuff all the time*.

– David Crosby

* * *

“This was completely against everything I’ve been raised to believe. And there was no way I would kill women and children. This is why I went to Iraq. I thought if I went and died there, I’d protect my Mom and sister back home, but in fact, I was just killing someone else’s Mom and sister.”

– Iraq war veteran

Quotes transcribed by Jeff Fenske

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