Official Statement On The Duke-Jones Debate by Dr. David Duke

This is sweet response to Alex’s recent uncivil behavior. I hope Alex does the right thing: posts the video on his own YouTube site and has David on again, like he said he would. An apology wouldn’t hurt, either, especially since Alex says he’s a Christian. This really could be the start of a new era for Alex if he gets right with those he’s hurt, so he can move forward with integrity.
The debate video is linked below.
Updated version with illustrations here: Dr. David Duke: Official Statement on The Duke-Jones Great Debate
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Official Statement On The Duke-Jones Debate

By Dr. David Duke

As I have said, I am not in any way trying to hurt Jones. He has caused a lot of people to distrust the media, the government, banks, etc. He is right in opposing the Global elite, but I believe that we must identify those who are truly the ultimate elite.

Even though Mr. Jones made a lot of personal attacks on me in his challenge and “KKK,” “white supremacist” diatribes and caricatures of me before the debate a few in the debate, I engaged in no name calling or ridicule of him in spite of some outrageous things I could have brought up concerning what he has said and done.

No. I came on his show at his own invitation to have an intellectual discussion on the world’s greatest problem, the globalist war on humanity on behalf of a small tyrannical elite.

And I think I made my points with facts and heartfelt concern for true human rights and justice. All I did is prove who are the real racists and the identity of the ultra ethnic supremacists on the Earth. I used their own leaders words to prove it.

I proved how these ethnic ultra-supremacists and haters of the rest of mankind are the ones who are wiping out our people and corrupting and despoiling the whole planet.


I am telling the millions of people I can reach to make and post videos of The Alex Jones show he desperately doesn’t want you to see.. Why, because i still hope that he will not let his own show, this debate, his site become politically correct!

But, one way or the other our debate will be seen by millions perhaps billions. He should take credit for it rather than become a pariah to his people, to his own friends and supporters. I don’t want him to be seen as man who wants to censor the truth from his trusting and loyal audience.

This is unworthy of a man who constantly rails against the lies of the globalist media to the people of America and the world. Hopefully he live up to his own ideals.

Certainly he won’t try to keep his own supporters from seeing the debate he himself promoted, controlled by his own studio while I used my heart and head and 35 dollar video cam.


Jones invited me. He said he believed in free speech that he was an enemy of political correctness.

How will it look if he censors his own show to his own supporters?

I am hopeful that his supporters will find that he is a person who does not himself act like the mass globalist media he condemns, the oppressors of free thought that we both condemn.

If he suppresses the right of his own supporters to know, to hear, to be allowed to hear real discussion, can they trust him on anything else? I can guarantee that the great majority of his listeners saw the wisdom and truth in my assertions.

I am hopeful that he will post the video of the debate on his own main Youtube website, and that he has me on his show again as he promised.

I don’t ask him to agree with everything I say. Of course, he can contest what I say if he likes, but I would hope he will be true to those who have supported him, those trust him to never suppress their right to know as he points out that the globalist media does exactly that to them every day.

Not you too, Mr. Jones. Please, not you too?

I wish him well. I urge people to let him have the chance to be the man he says he is. Hopefully, the debate will be posted soon on his main Alex Jones YouTube Channel.

It was a brave thing to invite me.

But would be a terrible thing for him to back down now.

This debate can be a turning point in the struggle of European liberation and indeed the liberation of all mankind.


This Debate Jones and I did did can help break that dam and eventually create an atmosphere where everyone can speak openly about the tyrants ruling over us.

Because together this Tyrannical ZioElite cannot continue to rule over us or destroy us!

They have power over us only because we have not freed our minds and unmuzzled our voices.

Alex Jones, perhaps you cannot, or are not willing to do what I do, say what I say, but at least you can help usher in an age of defiance.

You can be defiant in demanding and defending and practicing real free thought and free speech. That means talking about even the ultimate taboo, the real racial supremacists who control the global media, global banking, global politics of the world.


Take credit for the good thing you did in actually offering and having a free discussion in which obviously millions of people agree with me, your guest.

Hopefully it was just some misguided staff member that is endeavoring to suppress this Great Debate, maybe one of the legion of Zionists who never miss an opportunity to suppress real debate on the subject.

You should be honored for proposing and going through with this debate. You arranged it, and you made possible the opportunity for the world to hear it.

Mr. Jones, the world must hear it! No matter what, the world will hear it!

With best wishes and hopes that Alex Jones will stand by the principles with which he began his media career, and hopefully still holds dear!

And I send my love to each of you who have the courage to stand up honestly for your freedom and heritage.

God Bless You All,

Dr. David Duke

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