Jeff Rense is offering these informative and amazing interviews with the former high wizard, Zachary King for free.
Here, Zach discusses his encounter with Barack Obama at Bohemian Grove in the mid-’90s in the 10/8/15 show, hour 3 @minutes 29 & 45. He also mentions that Henry Kissinger is a regular attendee, including during other events held at the Grove.
Zach was told Obama would one day be President, way back in the mid-’90s!
Lots of important topics discussed in these five hours, including Zachary’s story within Satanism for 26 years, and as a high wizard for 12 years (only about 10 in the world at any given time). He was at Bohemian Grove 28 times.

Zachary King
Saved From A Life Of Satanic Evil
Hour 2 – 10.8.15
Hour 3 – 10.8.15
Hour 1- 9.8.15
Hours 2&3 – 9.30.15

(video) Satanic Priest for Bohemian Grove Blows Whistle on White House (Names Names) — Obama, the Bushes & Clintons, Reagan

(video) ABORTION clinics – Human Sacrifices – SATANIC Rituals — Former satanist, Zachary King, says, there are satanic Rituals, the eating of babies, satanic dedications of all aborted babies, on regular basis. He says Doctors and nurses in abortion clinics and planned parenthood, are usually Satanists