Mark Dankof is a former Lutheran pastor who has lived in the middle east, and exposes what’s really going on.

His summary at the end is excellent. Much of what his opponent says isn’t even true.
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[youtube=]The Debate – Who’s Financing ISIL? (Nov 16th)

PressTV News Videos

PressTV News Videos

Published on Nov 16, 2015

Operations like the Daesh terrorist attacks in Paris take lots of planning: it also involves lots of money.

In this edition of the debate, we’ll breakdown the avenues that Daesh makes money, while taking a look at the fallouts from the attacks, and how this may change the game plan of some of the countries involved, especially the ones, like Saudi Arabia and host of the G20 summit Turkey, who are supporting the terrorists.

– Broadcaster & Political Commentator, Mark Dankof (SAN ANTONIO)
– Analyst & Independent Scholar, Peter Sinnott (NEW YORK)

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