Really nice to see Michael Rivero starting to really get it; though, he still doesn’t understand some key, historical and spiritual truths!

I transcribe Michael’s statements and add comments in bracketed blue.

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Michael realizes (1 hr 30 min):

“At this point, we don’t really know what was going on in WWII. We don’t really know anything that was going on before we were born. We have been lied to that much!

Masters of the world (1:25:45):

“Israel isn’t controlled by anybody. Israel sees themselves as masters of the world, and can’t understand why the rest of us just aren’t happy to go along with that.

A propaganda weapon so powerful [The caller said the ‘Holocaust’ is being used “to justify a permanent invasion of Europe.” I’d say it’s global domination through every means possible! Israel plays the ‘Holocaust’ sympathy card so we turn a blind eye to all of the evil, Talmudic machinations they use to destroy western culture, so they can launch their anti-Christ, Antichrist ‘Messiah,’ likely from Jerusalem, who will rule the short-lived, Satanic, NWO dictatorship prophesied in the Bible] (1 hr 26 min):

“The Holocaust story is maintained and protected because that was the entire justification for Israel stealing Palestine. … The founders of Israel needed a propaganda weapon so powerful that the same nations that had driven Nazi Germany back into its own borders would turn a blind eye to the Zionists stealing Palestine and creating the nation of Israel. And that propaganda tool was this horrific story that turned slave labor camps into execution centers, delousing with insecticide into gassing, and you know the rest of it. And that’s the reason why that legend is still being protected so intently, because when that is widely known to have been just more propaganda, like the ‘6 million’ they were using in WWI, then a lot of people will say that Israel’s possession of Palestine is not really legitimate.”

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Ron Gibson
Published on Feb 22, 2016

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