Stefan Molyneux does some excellent work, but he turns into Mr. Spin on 9/11 and Holocaust truth, all of a sudden saying “facts don’t matter” — discussed at minute-10:00 here.

Many truthers absolutely do idolize Putin, whitewashing anything he does, while being appropriately skeptical of those in our own government.

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The Martinez Perspective (01/11/16): Ziocon Infiltration of Alt-Media & Putin Worship

Brandon Martinez

Brandon Martinez

Published on Jan 11, 2016

I talk about the disinfo tactics of Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux as well as some issues involving Russia and Putin worship in alt-media.

Molyneux’s deflection of Holocaust truth:…

Molyneux’s deflection of 9/11 truth:…


(video) Stefan Molyneux admits he’s Jewish. Stefan Molyneux is a Jew! (Christopher Bollyn has proven they were the architects of 9/11 & they protect the Holocaust sympathy card at all costs)