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“Even though, I think he was a controlled justice, just like Roberts, etc., as pointed out by the way that he refused to hear the case on the murder/suicide of Vince Foster, proving that it was a murder, rather than a suicide. Nevertheless, he was the deciding vote on many, many important cases that went our way.

And I don’t think, frankly, that we’ll ever win another major Supreme court case for the conservative side again, period, even if we have a Republican president. I don’t believe we’ll ever get a jurist coming close to Antonin Scalia.”

– Joel Skousen

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from:

Jeff Rense Show, February 23 Hour 3 – Joel Skousen – The NV Primary Caucus (subscription only)


Skousen: Scalia Death a Major Setback for Liberty — “Before Antonin Scalia’s suspicious death in Texas this week, there was a somewhat tenuous but often conservative majority in the Supreme Court leading to many 5-4 decisions that blocked executive actions that threatened liberty. It wasn’t a solid majority by any means, as demonstrated by the actions of unreliable conservatives like John Roberts, who betrayed conservatives on Obamacare, and Anthony Kennedy, who betrayed religious traditions and rights on the issue of gay marriage” • “There are no justices on the Supreme Court, including conservatives, that the establishment doesn’t control to one degree or another through blackmail”

(audio) Texe Marrs: Justice Scalia’s Betrayal of Christianity – “The Talmudic infiltration of America’s legal system” — Scalia turns out to be a secretive member of the Opus Dei secret society and an aggressive Zionist agent. An avid student of the Babylonian Talmud, Scalia was a ticking time bomb on the Supreme Court, ready to explode in favor of the Jews. The Jews had FIVE pro-Israel Zionists on the Supreme Court with Scalia’s vote. That is 5 of 9 Judges! Was he murdered? • “All of these pastors out there are worried about Sharia law of the Moslims, but how about the Rabbinic law of the Talmud?”