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8 tricks for reading people’s body language

You already pick up on more body language cues than you’re consciously aware of. UCLA research has shown that only 7% of communication is based on the actual words we say. As for the rest, 38% comes from tone of voice and the remaining 55% comes from body language. Learning how to become aware of and to interpret that 55%….

Crossed arms and legs signal resistance to your ideas.


Real smiles crinkle the eyes.

When it comes to smiling, the mouth can lie but the eyes can’t. Genuine smiles reach the eyes, crinkling the skin to create crow’s feet around them. People often smile to hide what they’re really thinking and feeling, so the next time you want to know if someone’s smile is genuine, look for crinkles at the corners of their eyes. If they aren’t there, that smile is hiding something.

Copying your body language is a good thing.


Posture tells the story.


Eyes that lie.

Most of us probably grew up hearing, “Look me in the eye when you talk to me!” Our parents were operating under the assumption that it’s tough to hold someone’s gaze when you’re lying to them, and they were right to an extent.

But that’s such common knowledge that people will often deliberately hold eye contact in an attempt to cover up the fact that they’re lying.

The problem is that most of them overcompensate and hold eye contact to the point that it feels uncomfortable.

On average, Americans hold eye contact for seven to ten seconds, longer when we’re listening than when we’re talking. If you’re talking with someone whose stare is making you squirm — especially if they’re very still and unblinking — something is up and they might be lying you.

Raised eyebrows signal discomfort.


Exaggerated nodding signals anxiety about approval.


A clenched jaw signals stress.

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