When renewing my AK driver’s license, last fall, for the FIRST TIME EVER, the lady told me to TAKE OFF MY GLASSES, because she said my eyes were too dark.

I’ve been getting AK licenses since 1980. This is the first time….

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From: Joe Miller

Alaska’s DMV Stealing Your Facial Biometric Data, Violating Privacy in Back Door Compliance With Real ID

My research began trying to determine if the DMV was actually using facial recognition software for the new Driver License (DL) photograph and if so, why? To me, this would be a violation of privacy rights if confirmed. Apparently, DMV chooses to call it “image verification” but it’s the same thing. Most people are not aware of this because DMV is deliberately not telling you, unless you ask. So what happens to the people who refuse to give them their facial biometric data? As of now, right or wrong, you don’t get a license.

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