In the video, Alex says: “everybody better get right with God,” but then he, himself doesn’t get right with so *many* people he’s hurt. He’s lost so much credibility!

And he won’t apologize and admit that he’s lying to protect Talmudic, anti-Christ Israel, the main, evil source of many of our problems. And he knows that. It’s completely clear that Alex isn’t following the Holy Spirit, like he says. I’m one of the many who were steered in the wrong direction, delaying my wake-up to the Talmudic system destroying our country.

Alex has not sold out to the degree Glenn has, but truthers trust him more, so Alex’s sellout may be even more devastating in the big picture.

Maybe he’s crying in part because he knows what a fraud he’s become, himself — and how responsible he is for the end of America — civilization as we know it.

He’s a coverup artist, and needs to come clean or step down.

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[youtube=]Why Glenn Beck Is Imploding

The Alex Jones Channel

The Alex Jones Channel

Published on May 3, 2016

Alex Jones goes off on the people that have sold out the liberty movement to try and join the globalists.