Jewish Talkshow Host, Michael Savage Blames Jewish State for Fake Syria Gas Attack and Trump Response — He points out correctly we really do not know who in Syria used ‘sarin’ • Invokes “common sense”…. States repeatedly that it makes no sense to blame Assad for the gassing • Neoconservatism is a Jewish movement • Savage declares: “Israel benefits the most if Assad is gone” • The broadcast of 6 April 2017 marks a new level of frankness and clarity for Savage in terms of declaring the responsibility of the Jewish State

Michael Savage (fearless at age-75) has been AMAZING since Trump’s disgusting attack, and maybe saved America from ‘Sheriff Trump’ taking US to war with Russia, led by the Talmudists.

Michael says his show is now #1 in listenership, beating Rush, who pushes the war drums like the others, including Fox News.

What if Michael had not stood up to the Talmudists, and the media had been completely in lock step behind ‘Sheriff Trump,’ as Michael has been calling him, ~”shooting his 6-gun into the air and shooting his own foot off?”

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Jew Michael Savage Blames Jews for Fake Syria Gas Attack and Trump Response

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 8, 2017

I always just assumed that the Jew Michael Savage was only supporting Trump in order to push him toward the kind of thing we saw Thursday night.

Instead, the Jew Savage is one of the only voices in mainstream “conservatism” (along with Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter) who is being extremely skeptical of this apparent new war.


Gotta give credit where credit is due.

Hadding Scott writes:

On 6 April 2017 Michael Savage (né Weiner), a radio personality heard across the United States, gave an anti-war broadcast that began by observing, on the one-hundredth anniversary of the United States’ entry into the First World War, that Woodrow Wilson had been reelected in 1916 on the premise that he had kept the United States out of the European war and would continue to do so — but then was coaxed into war in spite of his original intentions, with disastrous results.

Obviously, this is a parable for what is happening with Trump.

He points out correctly that we really do not know who in Syria used sarin. He invokes “common sense” as an argument against assuming that Assad was responsible for the sarin-deaths. He states repeatedly that it makes no sense to blame Assad for the gassing.

Savage offers answers to two distinct but, in practice, intertwined questions. The two questions are, who wants war with Russia? and, who wants to destroy Syria?

Savage initially blames “the generals” and “the military-industrial complex” for wanting war. Then he blames “the progressives” and “the liberals.” He gets closer to the truth when he mentions “the Neocon ventriloquists in the media,” since Neoconservatism is a Jewish movement. He mentions Jeff Zucker and Wolf Blitzer. Blitzer at one time was an employee of AIPAC.

Who wants war with Russia? George Soros and the left, he says.

Savage points out that the ex-chief rabbi of Israel has compared the sarin-gassings to the Holocaust as a way of agitating for war. To answer the question of who wants Syria destroyed, Savage finally declares at the end of his first hour: “Israel benefits the most if Assad is gone.”

The constituencies for war against Russia and war against Syria are both Jewish.

He links the change in Trump’s policy to the reduction of conservative Catholic Steve Bannon’s status within the administration. “It seems to me that the liberals and the Neocons are prevailing, and they both have Trump’s ears.”

* * *

Michael Savage has not always criticized his fellow Jews’ warmongering. In 2003 he was such a noteworthy warmonger that he was rewarded with a prime-time show on MSNBC, replacing Phil Donahue, after it was decided that MSNBC would line up with the rest of the news-media in supporting the war against Iraq. At some point, perhaps after witnessing the overthrow and brutal murder of Muammar Qadhafi, Michael Savage became a critic of Neoconservative warmongering, and has linked it to Israeli interests. He has been doing that at least since 2013.

The broadcast of 6 April 2017, however, marks a new level of frankness and clarity for Savage, in terms of declaring the responsibility of the Jewish State. He implies that he has held back in the past.

“But there is another element, and you know I am reluctant to say it, because of the fear I have, in saying what I am going to say to you, but I guess I’m past the point of holding back almost anything,” he says.

Let us hope that the so-called Alt Right will not be less clear and less bold than this Jewish talkshow-host in declaring that Jewish interests motivate these wars. Our people need to know this, so that they will recognize the pattern of lying and know what not to believe.

I don’t see anyone in the Alt-Right not denouncing the strike.

Everyone is denouncing it.

But at the same time, everyone is trying to make sense of just what the hell is going on.

I don’t think that “the Jews talked him into it” is any better of a line of reasoning than “he saw dead babies and it made him feel sad.”

There has to be something more going on here. And I don’t think that “it’s a part of a multi-dimensional chess game” is a very reasonable excuse.

That is of course possible, but it’s also possible that the aliens came to him and told him he had to do it.

As of right now, the answer that makes the most sense to me is that he is being blackmailed or having his hand forced through some other means. But if they have blackmail against him that can make him do this, then presumably that same blackmail can be used to make him do anything else.

The only other possibility is that this was a one-off strike simply meant to get the neocons off his back, or to get some good press for a week or whatever, as he prepares some big move against the forces moving against him. That is possible, and as an isolated incident, bombing a mostly abandoned airbase full of broken planes doesn’t really mean much of anything.

The problem is, there is no indication this is an isolated event, and instead, the system appears to be ratcheting up pressure against Russia.

The only thing I can say is that we need to hope for the best and prepare for the worst and not jump to conclusions.


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