0 thoughts on “Connecticut may become first U.S. state to allow deadly police drones — What goes around comes around!

  1. I don’t accept the idea of predator drones at all, regardless of law enforcement restrictions or not, To my mind, this is incrementalism leading to conditioned acceptance on behalf of the people. Ultimately this bodes ill for all free humanity. The push to militarize the police is leading to a lot of senseless social unrest. This is a ploy on behalf of the federal government to condition people, that only its militarized intervention can “protect the civilian population” Where as in actual fact, its the government setting the necessary mechanizations in place for martial law. Given the levels of criminality and corruption exhibited by the political system, they have good reason to be concerned.. Case in point, endless wars fought for Israel;, so they can bring into existence “the greater Israel”. All of this, pushed through by their useful stooges in Washington.. To give this much power to law enforcement, is only to empower a traitorous Zog government, which culminates in a Noah hide law world government growing out of the U.N. In short,, this transcends the US setting a dangerous world precedent. The Reich Was Right!! . .

    1. Well said! It’s a horrible thought. The only good thing I can think of is that the warmongers who support droning other people overseas might start to think about what it’s like to be drone murdered from above by remote-control.

      You’d probably like this post. I include the lyrics from Roger Waters song:

      Armchair Pilots ‘Zap & Maim’ By Remote Control From Las Vegas — Roger Waters: “The Bravery of Being Out of Range” https://tobefree.press/2008/07/13/armchair-pilots-zap-maim-by-remote-control

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