(video) Alex Jones says he’s real, explains his lawyer’s “playing a character” statement


Jury will search for the real Alex Jones in custody battle – “He’s playing a character … He is a performance artist,” Alex’s lawyer claims! • Alex has remarried and his new wife is expecting a child

Alex Jones Responds To Claims He Is An Actor

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From: Daily Mail Article

On Monday, in a pre-trial hearing, one of Alex Jones’ lawyers, Randall Wilhite, said that his client is a ‘performance artist’ who is just ‘playing a character’ on Infowars.

‘He’s playing a character,’ he said, according to myStatesman. ‘He is a performance artist.’

However, Jones walked back those claims in an Infowars broadcast Monday evening, in which he said he ‘110 per cent’ believed the things he said in his show, according toThe Daily Beast.

‘They’ve got articles out today that I say I’m a fake, all of this other c**p. Total bull!’ he said.

‘The media is deceiving everywhere. I 110 per cent believe what I stand for. We’re changing the world with you.

‘The globalists are panicking and trying to shut us down and calling us fake news, just like Communist China does, because we’re kicking their ass.’

The video, titled ‘Alex Jones’ Crucial Message to All Centipedes,’ had apparently been deleted from the Infowars site as of Wednesday evening, but copies of the video had been uploaded to YouTube.

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The video is on Alex’s YouTube channel:



Alex Jones’ Emergency Message To All Centipedes

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