(vid) Jordan Peterson On Why Jews Are So Successful – Alex Jones Responds + Key Comments

First, quotes I transcribed from Alex, who will no longer tell the real, Talmudic cause, but at least says this:

26:45 “There are Japanese genetics, there are north European genetics that overall have a higher genetic, so-called Q score than even the smartest Ashkenazi Jews. The final thing the Ashkenazi Jews have is they work together, and they understand finance and create systems.”

29:50 “They don’t want well rounded people. They want specialists they can manipulate and control.”

Select comments from the video — the Satanic, immoral, racist, power-over-others Talmud is the key reason:

Jews have created such a nice environment for themselves to do their work on us. When they do well, it’s “High IQ.” When their white enemies do well, it’s “white privilege,” and “institutional racism.”

It’s hard to know for sure if a group of people are genetically or culturally predisposed to being nespotic and devious in order to get into strategic societal positions and to devise money systems that lock people in and often screw them over and to bring in oppressive systems like communism (including the new ‘globalism’ version of it). I used to believe that it was all due to just being good at whatever field they’re in, but I found out there’s a lot of hiring one’s own.

It’s quite simple why Africans are fast runners. It’s either them chasing their food or there food is chasing them Jews are successful because their rascist. They only do business with they’re own kind

…the question should be, why are they obsessed with social engineering? Why do they hate the west? And why do they hate white people? It’s very strange and creepy, it’s a kind of racism I don’t think any European really understands, why would sucessful people try and destroy the country’s that have made them sucessful?

So, they don’t do satanic rituals which include human torture and sacrifice? They don’t control the world financially, politically, through Hollywood, education, law, medicine, tech, etc., they don’t employ divide and conquer, and they don’t send our sons and daughters to wars, slaughtering the best and the brightest? Yeah, I wonder why they’re so .. “successful” .. ..

In their satanic Talmud, it’s written that they’re permitted–encouraged, you might say–to enslave, rape, torture and murder the goyim, who are considered less than animals.

Jews are not successful, Jews are conniving. There’s a difference. They have no interest in playing by the rules to better society. They see themselves as outsiders. Their interest is in taking advantage of the system, taking advantage of the host, to benefit their group.

Why?  Because Talmud ethics is immoral legalism.  Their is nothing in their ethics that prevent them from tricking , scheming , lying by omission or even paying others to murder. Jews screw others every way they can, then buy degrees, positions of importance and tutors for their children, while they insure everyone elses kids are smoked out, and wallowing in public schools.

Jews are successful because they deracinate [to pull up by the roots; uproot; extirpate; eradicate] society. They have no morals, no culture and only care about financial gain. Its the biggest reason they’ve been kicked out of nearly every country in the world.

Exactly. They are a hyper-tribal race of sociopaths willing to do ANYTHING for power and control. THAT is why they are so successful and have been able to infiltrate and take over every major institution in the western world that was originally established by white Gentiles.

doesn’t the Talmud say they can lie, cheat and steal from the unwashed masses because they are special?

Jews are so successful because they stick together, and because they are ruthless & treacherous in all matters. Most people wanna play fair and do good business, Jews do not. Jews wanna win, and win by any means necessary

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Jordan Peterson On Why Jews Are So Successful – Alex Jones Responds

The Alex Jones Channel

Streamed live on Apr 30, 2018

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