(vid) Alex Jones' former wife says she'll unplug Infowars in the upcoming court battle – Second Civil War


Second Civil War
Alex Jones Ex’s CustodyWars
Published on Jul 7, 2018
My ex-husband, Alex Jones’ videos about a forthcoming “Second Civil War,” were mocked across the internet with memes about the #SecondCivilWarLetters.
People sent each other #secondcivilwarletters. 
My knee-jerk was that Alex and his influence, his history of inciting  people to harass the Sandy Hook parents, how the Boston Bomber was said to have listened to him, well, that wasn’t funny..
But the #SecondCivilWar memes were.. and they showed a community of unity that came together and was able to laugh during this dark time in our nation.
It got me to thinking:  what if the “Second Civil War” could be won with a Civil Lawsuit?
I’m Kelly Jones and I’m suing Alex for damages for years of distress he purposefully put me through and for defamation.
I know I will win and pledge to unplug infowars when it is awarded to me.
Please share this video far and wide, UnplugInfowars.com is coming soon, and I need your support and followers.
Views to this video can get me ad revenue that I will use to fund my case.
Let’s unplug hate, division..and unplug infowars.com.

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