(VID) World War 2 – British Confessions of Bleiburg Massacre — Soldier admits they didn't have the guts to disobey the hideous orders

In the defense of the town of Kupres, where outnumbered, the Croats and other ustase units defended the civilian population against four communist partisan regiments, preventing their death. When the war ends and escaping from the communist, hundreds of thousands of Croat soldiers surrender to western allies at the Austrian boarder of Bleiburg. However the British army would trick the POW’s and their families into boarding trains supposedly heading west. They in fact would go east to Yugoslavia and to certain death at the hands of the victorious partisans led by Marshal Josip Tito — where the men are shot and the women and children forced on foot to the prison camps where they are beaten, raped and murdered.

Hidden from history books was the 20th century massacre in Europe known to Croatia as the Blieburg Massacre.


World War 2 – British Massacre Confessions Of Bleiburg
The Impartial Truth
Published on May 27, 2015

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