(VID) E. Michael Jones: Hitler Saw Christianity as a Threat to His Authority – He tried to reorganize Germany on a pagan basis. Losing moral restraint, Germany was set up to fail • Hitler abolished the Catholic Boy Scouts so all boys would be brainwashed as Hitler Youth. He threw Karl Leisner into Dachau (the Catholic concentration camp) because Leisner, a priest, wouldn’t go along with it

My Transcriptions – E. Michael Jones quotes:

16:00 “…Sheldon Adelson, Paul Singer and Brendon Marcus — it’s three rich Jews control the foreign policy of the United States of America, and we’re in a situation where we can’t even say the word ‘Jew.’ … We’re hoping to achieve something here when we can’t even name the people who are doing what we are objecting to” [without being labelled ‘anti-Semitic’].

43:20 “This is the kind of atmosphere that existed in Germany. They knew that Bolshevism was a threat. They knew that Bolshevism was a Jewish movement, and Hitler capitalized on it. And then he took it too far.”

“The problem was that he could not mobilize a country that was divided along religious lines — protestant and Catholic, because of the reformation. So he decided: what I’ve got to do is go beyond that, or back behind that, back to the time when there was no Christianity. And the man who helped him in this regard was Richard Wagner, who had already done these operas basically about … the German legends, myths that had grown up before the time of Christianity. He tried to reorganize Germany on a pagan basis. That’s not going to work. It’s not going to work, first of all because nobody believes that those myths are true anymore. And secondly, you’re undercutting the moral fabric of the German people by displacing Christianity. And that was precisely what happened with the Nazi regime. It lost any type of moral credibility because it lost all moral restraint, because it has disconnected itself from Christianity. So as a result, they set themselves up to fail.”

Hitler hostile toward Catholic church:

Dachau was the Catholic concentration camp. They [unintelligible] Dachau with Catholic priests and bishops that Hitler had arrested and thrown in there. And a lot of them died because of camp life. … Karl Leisner…became a priest, and he ended up in Dachau, and he died of turburculosis, because that’s what you died of in places like that. So there’s no question that Hitler had a hostile attitude toward the Catholic church.”

“He [Hitler] perceived the Catholic church as a threat to his authority, and he perceived people like Karl Leisner as subversive. Karl Leisner, as part of his duties as a priest was head of the Boy Scouts. Well, Hitler abolished the Catholic Boy Scouts, and it was Hitler Jugend [Youth]. He didn’t want any competition from any of these Catholic organizations. Karl Leisner wouldn’t go along with it, and that’s why he got arrested. That’s why he ended up in a concentration camp. So to say that Hitler supported the Catholic church is simply not true.”

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Video is HERE and HERE

Dr. E. Michael Jones on the Jew Taboo, Catholic Support for Hitler, German Journalists Knew 9/11

June 29th, 2018

Brian Ruhe

Dr. E. Michael Jones talks with Brian Ruhe about:
Why Catholics are losing all the culture wars.
Jews can talk about what they are doing but non-Jews can’t.

Catholics can’t identify the enemy because in 1965 a Jewish spy who was a Jesuit got the Catholics to change their policy.

We have to have the courage to name the Jew even if they call us antisemites.

American foreign policy is based upon Jewish hatred for Russia.

17:00 In 1890 the Catholic Church dealt with the Jewish question so we should review that.

18:30 The top 1% includes Jews, the wealthy and homosexuals who can preach to us about morality.

21:00 We have a choice between Obama’s liberal Jews who made the Iran deal and Trumps conservative Jews who broke the Iran nuclear deal. Which Jews do you want calling the shots?

24:00 Israel is steadily losing the support of American Jews.

25:45 It is very inaccurate say “Zionism” instead of “Jews”.

32:00 The German journalistic elite knew that the official story of 9/11 wasn’t true at the time that it happened. German journalists have to sign a contract that they won’t criticize Israel or the United States.

36:15 The further away we get from WW II the worse WW II becomes because of Steven Spielberg and Hollywood.

36:45 A moving WW II story of a Catholic priest giving communion to both sides during a battle.

40:00 Comments on Brian’s question about the Pope supporting Catholic Hitler, Italy and Spain against godless Jewish communism. Dr. Jones says Hitler was an enemy of the Catholic Church. Dennis Wise says Hitler was a devote Catholic.

47:00 Story about Sigmund Freud’s relationship with his Catholic nanny, as a boy.

52:00 Brian asks Dr. Jones about the Pope encouraging Europeans to take in black immigrants from Africa into their homes. Dr. Jones explains how the migrant crisis is related to Hillary Clinton destroying Libya.

7 thoughts on “(VID) E. Michael Jones: Hitler Saw Christianity as a Threat to His Authority – He tried to reorganize Germany on a pagan basis. Losing moral restraint, Germany was set up to fail • Hitler abolished the Catholic Boy Scouts so all boys would be brainwashed as Hitler Youth. He threw Karl Leisner into Dachau (the Catholic concentration camp) because Leisner, a priest, wouldn’t go along with it

    1. Jim,
      I’ve always considered the Catholic church a deceptive, ritual based alternative to real Christianity, where Christians actually abide in Christ and are led by the Holy Spirit. I have over 60 posts in my “The Catholic Deception” category at my spiritual site. This article is especially interesting: The Bad Popes. Billions of people are in hell because they blindly followed the teachings of the Catholic church instead of Christ Himself.
      I do appreciate many things some Catholics have done though, and some indeed have followed Christ. Perhaps you saw this article I posted earlier today.

      E. Michael Jones: Hollywood Jews used a ‘Holocaust’ movie to break the decency code — For 31 years there had been no nudity in films, no obscenity… • Sexual liberation for political control: “If you spread masturbation you kill prayer” •  “They used the Holocaust as a front to smuggle in what they were really interested in”

      According to Jones, the Catholics kept Hollywood ‘Jews’ from perverting America through TalmudVision for 31 years, which was a major achievement that many of us benefited greatly from!
      I’m trying to figure out the balance of what happened in Germany. I agree with Jones that communist Bolshevism was a threat, and so were the western Talmudists who boycotted Germany and wanted to destroy Germany because they kicked out the banksters and pornsters, and then flourished. It was right for Hitler to protect Germany from these threats. But then Hitler “took it too far,” Jones says.
      As I’ve studied Germany real history, I’ve wondered why the Catholics and the Lutherans didn’t keep Hitler from going too far, keeping Germany from being destroyed.
      We should also keep in mind that Ernst Zundel actually left Germany because he had become a pacifist, having seen what WWII did to Germany. Ernst’s bio on Ingrid’s site:

      He stated that he left Germany in 1958 because as a pacifist he objected to serving in the German Army.

      And then we know that Ernst fought a truth war with everything he had, spending years in prison as a result.
      Hitler wanted loyal citizens who would not question any of his military orders. He didn’t want any Ernst Zundels, and I’m seeing more and more that he didn’t want the churches to influence the people morally, so they would obey their consciences when they knew an order was unjust.
      I recently saw a documentary on TalmudVision about the Hilter Youth. It was a hard core Boy-Scouts-like program that all of the boys were supposed to be indoctrinated through. In many ways it was good, but it was also mind-control so boys would obey Hitler without question.
      Karl Leisner, whom I think Jones said was in charge of the Catholic Boy Scouts, opposed this extreme, mandatory indoctrination of boys, so Hitler through him into Dachau, where he died from disease.
      I’m glad that I didn’t get mind-controlled by such a program when I was young, so I was able to become a Christian by reading the Bible on my own in high school, so I’ve had the ability to make moral decisions based upon my relationship with God, instead of accepting without question what the government tells me is correct.
      There is probably a lot of truth in the IHR article you shared, but I don’t know how balanced it is. Harry Cooper says the Vatican helped many German soldiers escape to South America after the war. If some priests and the pope were supportive of communism and/or the Talmudist agenda, that would be bad. But they shouldn’t have been incarcerated. I’m sure Germar Rudolf would agree.
      Wikipedia (probably right this time) says:

      Of a total of 2,720 clerics recorded as imprisoned at Dachau some 2,579 (or 94.88%) were Roman Catholics.

      We would be outraged if these two laws were passed in the U.S.:

      ..the Reichstag passed a new law on March 21, 1933, that made it a crime to speak out against the new government or criticize its leaders. Known as the Malicious Practices Act, the law made even the smallest expression of dissent a crime. Those who were accused of “gossiping” or “making fun” of government officials could be arrested and sent to prison or a concentration camp.

      Then, on March 24, 1933, the Reichstag passed what became known as the Enabling Act by a vote of 141 to 94. It “enabled” the chancellor of Germany to punish anyone he considered an “enemy of the state.” The act allowed “laws passed by the government” to override the constitution. Only the 94 Social Democrats voted against the law. Most of the other deputies who opposed it were in hiding, in prison, or in exile. (source)

      This is pretty outrageous, and is never brought up by the revisionists:

      Hitler saw Christians and the Church as weak, and, as Lutzer noted,

      Hitler spoke of both Protestants and Catholics with contempt, convinced that all Christians would betray their God when they were forced to choose between the swastika and the Cross: ‘Do you really believe the masses will be Christian again?  Nonsense!  Never again.  That tale is finished.  No one will listen to it again.  But we can hasten matters.  The parsons will dig their own graves.  They will betray their God to us.  They will betray anything for the sake of their miserable jobs and incomes’” (1995, p. 104). (source)

      Imagine what Americans would do if Trump became dictator and did this in America:

      When in 1936, Nazis removed crucifixes in school, protest by Galen led to public demonstration.[52] Hitler sometimes allowed pressure to be placed on German parents to remove children from religious classes to be given ideological instruction in its place, while in elite Nazi schools, Christian prayers were replaced with Teutonic rituals and sun-worship.[53]

      Church kindergartens were closed, crucifixes were removed from schools and Catholic welfare programs were restricted on the basis they assisted the “racially unfit”. Parents were coerced into removing their children from Catholic schools. In Bavaria, teaching positions formerly allotted to nuns were awarded to secular teachers and denominational schools transformed into “Community schools”.[33] When in 1937 the authorities in Upper Bavaria attempted to replace Catholic schools with “common schools”, Cardinal Faulhaber offered fierce resistance.[54] By 1939 all Catholic denominational schools had been disbanded or converted to public facilities.[55]


      At the outbreak of World War Two, Goebbels’ Ministry of Propaganda applied intense pressure on the Churches to voice support for the war, and the Gestapo banned Church meetings for a few weeks. In the first few months of the war, the German Churches complied.[66] No denunciations of the invasion of Poland, nor the Blitzkrieg were issued.[67] The Catholic bishops asked their followers to support the war effort: “We appeal to the faithful to join in ardent prayer that God’s providence may lead this war to blessed success for Fatherland and people.”[68] Despite this, the anti-church radical Reinhard Heydrich determined that support from church leaders could not be expected because of the nature of their doctrines and internationalism, and wanted to cripple the political activities of clergy. He devised measures to restrict the operation of the Churches under cover of war time exigencies, such as reducing resources available to Church presses on the basis of rationing, and prohibiting pilgrimages and large church gatherings on the basis of transportation difficulties. Churches were closed for being “too far from bomb shelters”. Bells were melted down. Presses were closed.[69] (source)

      I’m really glad Brian Ruhe did this interview with E. Michael Jones. Few revisionists deal with this topic, so most truthers don’t know much about this important topic.

      1. It’s hard for you to see the whole picture because you weren’t there.
        You also didn’t have to deal with all the people on the left and right working against Hitler.
        Hitler had to do what he had to do to control the situation and he did it.
        I bet I would not of lasted in his regime either but thats not the point.
        When you read what people say you have to consider where they are coming from.
        Even among revisionist some love Hitler and some Hate him.
        Thats all I know Hitler was on good terms with the Catholic Church, and had to have them on his side and he was considered a Christian at least in principle anyway. He definitely wasn’t a pagan. Just more Jew propaganda.

        1. Hitler didn’t have to have absolute control over the situation though. And the people should have never given him absolute control. That’s why we have checks and balances in our system, so the president doesn’t have absolute control.
          Since he insisted on and was given absolute control, he made many bad decisions which ended up in Germany being destroyed and many whom he imprisoned died.
          Germar Rudolf talks about how he started his leadership by actually killing opposition leaders.
          He didn’t need to expand Germany’s territory through war. He just needed to defend Germany. There could have been diplomatic solutions to reunite with Austria.
          Veronika Clark says his own staff member gave him bad intel on Poland, which he reacted to by invading Poland. That was big mistake #1, because England had a pact with Poland that they’d defend Poland if Poland was attacked. That’s exactly what the Talmudists in England wanted. He played right into their hands. And they never relented, later getting the US into the war instead of accepting Hitler’s peace plans.
          Hitler even declared war on the USA.
          Hitler didn’t like the apostle Paul, because he thought Paul was weak. Apparently that’s what he thought of Christians who would follow Christ instead of himself if given orders that they considered immoral.
          I think Hitler was Christian in name only, and would say an occasional public prayer which convinced some he was a Christian.
          Our leaders mostly aren’t real Christians too. Real Christians like Ron Paul would get scoured by Fox News, which is what they did to him in 2008 and 2012.
          E. Michael Jones, whom Brian says he likes a lot, stands up to the Talmudists big-time. I think his overview is pretty good, except that he believes the Catholic church is the one true church, and I believe it’s the biggest false church.
          Most revisionists support everything Hitler did without question, which then becomes a deception; though, 180° different.
          If we’re to get people to believe the truth about what really happened in the ‘Holocaust,’ which I believe will happen, the people will be more likely to believe us if they see we’re not whitewashing Hitler, but telling the truth no matter what it is — which I see Germar Rudolf doing. And then some truthers criticize Germar. But that’s what the people need: the truth no matter what it is.
          God will help us defeat the ‘Holocaust’ lies as we abide in Him and tell the truth no matter what it is, I believe.

          1. I think you would get along well with Michael Hoffman
            By the way for some reason you think we are going to be able to get through to people about the Holohoax…
            I don’t.
            We are in a spiritual war now and the majority of the people are not going to listen to the truth…..As Jesus said broad is the road that leads to eternal destruction and many are the ones on it.
            The narrow road would be the one the true Christians are on. The Harvest is gone for true worshipers for the most part….we are now in separating mode, the wheat and the chaff.
            I do what I’m doing because it’s the right thing to do, and that’s the work the lord has given us to do (tell the truth) It’s really out of my hands, just waiting for the man on the white horse to do his thing.

        2. I’m subscribing to Michael Hoffman’s newsletter, currently, despite the expense. I wish there was a cheaper, online version. I hadn’t looked at Issue 97 yet. Looks interesting. He definitely tells the truth, whatever he thinks it really is — and has major guts to expose the Talmudic lies!
          His main article in Issue 97 is titled: “Hitler never had a snowball’s chance in hell of conquering Soviet Russia,” which may be how you would word our chances in people finding out the truth about the ‘Holocaust.’
          I believe most people will find out that Holocaust truthers are not lying.
          I agree that we’re in a spiritual battle, and it’s with demonic forces, which is why I pray a lot for the Talmudists and ‘Christian’ Zionists putting curses on people (they may call it praying) to believe the official story so vehemently that the people won’t listen to the facts at all.
          When the curses are broken, then the people can be more relaxed about the issue. And sooner or later the facts will get out. A celebrity could get on the bandwagon and spill the beans. This guy who is running for office now in California, John Fitzgerald is affecting many.
          When the ‘Holocaust’ is used in America to put us under the thumb of Talmudic, currently-anti-Christ Israel (which is becoming increasingly obvious), this encourages more to speak out, as well as many realizing something is wrong.
          I think we’re going to win on this one, but it will still be too late to save America, since Russia and China are getting ready to EMP and nuke US, and most truthers completely avoid the subject, with many believing KGB Putin is our savior instead, while he cracks down on free speech in Russia, even making Holocaust truth imprisonable.
          I believe we’re also going to have a major spiritual revival in America in which the truth about this current version of Rothschild/Talmudic Israel will come out.
          Power to the Peaceful!

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