(VID) Shah of Iran on '60 Minutes' in 1976: Jewish lobby controls the president, newspapers, media, banks, finances – w/ Mike Wallace CBS

Transcript from NY Times’ article, The Shah on Israel,Corruption Torture and., October 22, 1976

Following are excerpts of a Mike Wallace interview with the Shah of Iran, Mohammed Riza Pahlevl, that will be seen on “60 Minutes” Sunday at 7 P.M. The full transcript was made available by CBS.

Wallace: The Shah of Iran is one of the most powerful men in the world. His oil, his ambition and his growing military muscle make him that Iran, he vows, will be the equal of any Western European nation before another generation has passed.

“60 Minutes” made its yearly pilgrimage to the Shah’s palace in Teheran to canvass the Royal views on assorted topics.

Wallace: Surely, Your Majesty you’re not telling me that the Jewish lobby in the United States pulls the strings of the Presidency?

Shah: Not entirely. But, I think even a little too much, even for Israel interests.

Wallace: You think the Jewish lobby in the United States is too powerful for the interests of Israel?

Shah: I think so. Sometimes they are disserving the interests of Israel.

Wallace: Explain

Shah: Because they’re pushing around too many people.

Wallace: How do you mean “pushing around”?

Shah: Well, pressuring. They have many means at their disposal. They are putting on pressure on many, many people. And at the end, I don’t think that it will even help Israel.

Wallace: Why, if this is true, why would the President of the United States pay attention to that lobby?

Shah: They are strong.

Wallace: Strong in what sense?

Shah: They are controlling many things.

Wallace: Controlling what?

Shah: Newspapersmedias

Wallace: Your Majesty …

Shah: Banksfinances and I’m going to stop there.

Wallace: Well, now, just a second. You really do believe that the Jewish community in the United States is that powerful? They make the media reflect their view of foreign policy?

Shah: Yes.

Wallace: They do not report, we do not report honestly?

Shah: Don’t mix things, please. I don’t say the media. I say, in the media they have people. Not the entire media. Some newspapers will only reflect their views, yes.

Wallace: Well, The New York Times for instance, is owned by the Sulzberger family, who are Jewish. Are you suggesting that The New York Times is biased in its treatment of the question of Zionism, Israel’s existence the United States’ relationship with the Arab world?

Shah: I will have to put all the articles of The New York Times written on this subject and draw the conclusion. You can put this through the computer and it will answer you.

Wallace: What you’re saying is, that yes, you do believe.

Shah: Well, let’s wait for the answer of the computer.

Wallace: The Washington Post … ?

Shah: The same.

Wallace: The networks?

Shah: Less.

Wallace: I must say you’re speaking with your characteristic candor.

Shah: Yes, if you like. I try to be candid. I have always been.

Shah of Iran Discusses Israel Lobby … 36 Years Ago

Published on Jul 27, 2012

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