Tulsi’s boldness inspires Rand Paul: Both sides of Congress want ‘REGIME CHANGE’ • The MAJORITY are interventionists!

Tulsi’s forthrightness during Tuesday’s debate about our ‘regime-change’ goal in our post-9/11 wars seems to have emboldened Rand Paul to speak more straightforwardly as well — which frustrates Jake Tapper of CNN.

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Rand Paul:

3:55 “I would say that the majority of leadership on the Republican and the Democrat side are interventionists. … Republicans and Democrats are unified in being in support of war, support of intervention, and support of never going home.”

5:30 “The U.S. has been preventing any kind of discussion, because it’s been the policy of the war caucus to have Assad removed. This is the John Bolton; this is the Lindsey Graham move. They believe in regime change. They want to get rid of Assad. But also, the Hillary Clinton group wants this too. So it’s really left and right saying we have to have regime change.

Sen. Rand Paul on “The Lead with Jake Tapper” – Oct. 16, 2019


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