Questioning the ‘Holocaust’ not a human right, European court rules

[NOTE] There were prison camps filled by an *immoral* roundup of people, and many did die, but there is no documented evidence of an extermination program or gas chambers, other than small chambers used to sanitize clothing of lice, which spread Typhus, what many prisoners died from, along with starvation, largely caused by Allied bombing of supply lines to the camps. Zyclon B was used to save lives, not kill them. This is what happens when someone questions the official story in Germany.

The ‘Holocaust’ is the only historical event that is illegal to question in almost 20 countries, and carries a penalty of imprisonment. If the “established facts” were true, such laws would be completely unnecessary — as well as the purging of scholarly Holocaust truth books by Amazon and thousands of videos and essays on the internet.

This article shows free speech isn’t allowed merely because the evidence presented runs contrary to the established dogma accepted by the established body, which they claim is based on established facts, which can’t be questioned to see if they are facts or not:

Such statements “could not attract the protection for freedom of speech” offered by the European Convention on Human Rights “as they ran counter to the values of the Convention itself,” it said.

From: The Times of Israel

Holocaust denial not a human right, European court rules

Judges rule against German neo-Nazi politician Udo Pastoers, say his statements run counter to European Convention on Human Rights itself

3 October 2019

Denial of the Holocaust is not a human right, a European court ruled on Thursday, throwing out a complaint by a German neo-Nazi politician.

Udo Pastoers, who served in the local parliament of the northeastern region of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, was convicted in Germany in 2012 after giving a speech in 2010 in which he appeared to cast doubt on whether the Holocaust really happened. …

According to the ECHR, Pastoers in 2010 gave a speech to the local parliament where he stated that “the so-called Holocaust is being used for political and commercial purposes.”

The court said his speech “was a qualified Holocaust denial showing disdain to its victims and running counter to established historical facts.”

He “intentionally stated untruths in order to defame Jews and the persecution that they had suffered.”

Such statements “could not attract the protection for freedom of speech” offered by the European Convention on Human Rights “as they ran counter to the values of the Convention itself,” it said.

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