(vid) New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete – Bosstown Dynamics says “You’ll see it in the army soon!” — Which army?

ALERT: Fake video released just two days ago that looks so real it has 2 million views already. The give-away is the robot not creating any dust, and too many live rounds are going off right next to these men. Another tip-off is the name Bosstown Dynamics, which I didn’t catch, and is a take off from:

Boston Dynamics is an American engineering and robotics design company founded in 1992 as a spin-off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

I posted this after seeing the short, lower def. clip on Facebook that seemed real before watching this entire longer, HD version.

It’s still worth watching, because the deep state certainly has something like these in the works, if not ready already. How would one defend oneself against these?

New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete (Bosstown Dynamics)

1,853,822 views Oct 26, 2019

Bosstown Dynamics has a new robot in town. You’ll see it in the army soon!

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