(vid) Holocaust Debate ‘Phil Donahue Show’ 1994 — “The door opens in!” – David Cole

The first half is definitely worth watching!


6:40 “This is the only issue in the history of the west that is taboo to discuss in our universities.” – Bradley Smith

7:10 Donahue: “I believe the truth will make us free. I believe that what you’ve done here can no longer be ignored by mainstream media.”

7:25 Best part begins here! David Cole is introduced, and gives compelling information and rebuttals.

7:50 Cole’s film: Zyclon B residue shown saturating the de-lousing chamber’s walls (to protect inmates from Typhus); though, no residue at all in the so-called murderous “gas chamber.”

9:10 “The door doesn’t lock, and this door opens into the chamber. … You cannot lock somebody into this room.” Donahue responds: “You’re a real Columbo, David.”

13:30 Cole: “History books are not about making crass generalizations. If you’re going to claim there was a gas chamber program you have to be able to offer evidence for it.”

13:42 Why the “6 million” number is already dead. The Auschwitz number was officially decreased by 3 million, but “6 million” remains the official number.

18:10 Donahue shows a clip of the Dachau “gas chamber” that Cole points out has been completely discredited!

20:15 Shermer admits the human soap story has been proven false.

21:20 Donahue announces after the break, showing an empty chair: “We lost David Cole,” and the audience cheers. We’re not told why Cole left. [I was in the audience of a Phil Donahue show filmed in Anchorage. Out of the cameras’ view, the producer gave the audience and panel cues of what to do, so this was likely prompted.]

The show regresses after Cole’s departure, after which Smith is alone to counter a number of emotional testimonies that have clear, factual errors.

31:20 Phil Donahue to Michael Shermer who tried to defend the official story: “I am struck by the fact that the last thing you worked on was shooting down the creationists.”

Note about David Cole

Fun fact: David Cole had to go into hiding for years shortly after this show. The JDL beat him up severely shortly after his appearance, the night before Thanksgiving. Then JDL leader Irv Rubin put a 25,000 dollar bounty on David Cole’s life around 1997. After this, Cole wrote a public statement recanting all of his revisionist views & completely disappeared. He re-emerged in recent years after changing his last name, revealing he still has controversial views. He doesn’t have to worry about Irv Rubin anymore because he was murdered in prison (claimed to be a suicide. The JDL’s actions towards David Cole only pushes people further towards revisionism. Violence isn’t the answer. Having a debate & trying to change people’s minds is how all historical issues should be resolved. This one issue cannot be debated without people being labeled anti-semites.

Holocaust Debate Phil Donahue Show

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