Dr. Berg: Importance of Nutritional Yeast in Your Diet!

8 Ways to Use Nutritional Yeast in Your Diet

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Today, we’re going to talk about nutritional yeast, and how to use nutritional yeast in your diet.

What is nutritional yeast?

Nutritional yeast is a type of yeast that is a microbe that is inactive. It’s different than bakers yeast, which is an active yeast. You need to be sure you’re consuming non-fortified nutritional yeast. My version is non-fortified and does not contain synthetic vitamins.

Health benefits of nutritional yeast:

• It has a complete amino acid profile

• It has minerals and trace minerals

• It has B vitamins

• It has glutathione

• It has selenomethionine

What does nutritional yeast taste like?

Nutritional yeast has a slightly cheesy and nutty flavor. 

Nutritional yeast is different than yeast extract, which is used as a food additive, and flavoring and also contains glutamate. 

Yeast extracts:

• Vegemite

• Marmite

• Tasty yeast

Nutritional yeast uses in your diet:

1. Broths

2. Sauces

3. Soups

4. Salads

5. Curries

6. Eggs

7. Veggies

8. Dips

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