The Trouble With Treblinka

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(video) The Treblinka Archaeology ‘Holocaust’ Hoax — TalmudVision’s (TV) documentary “Treblinka: Hitler’s Killing Machine” proven a fraud!

Some revisionists claim there were mass exterminations in Treblinka. They can then say they’re “not deniers.” For example, recently David Cole and Ryan Dawson in this video at 54:30: ANC REPORT LIVE WITH DAVID COLE “THE DOOR OPENS IN!”

The evidence shows there could not have been mass exterminations.

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The Trouble With Treblinka

By John Wear
German Guilt Is Affirmed By The Improbable, The Impossible, An Ever Shrinking Death Toll & Rising Compensation Bill

The blood of some quarter of a million people began to flare, and thus burned for a night and a day. The whole camp administration came to look upon this marvel, gazing with satisfaction at the blaze. The blood came up to the surface and burned as if it were fuel.”

This article will examine the credibility of several Jewish survivors of Treblinka.


Traditional Holocaust historians state that Treblinka was a pure extermination camp in which approximately 870,000 Jews were murdered. The number of Jewish survivors of Treblinka is generally thought to have been between 40 and 70, and probably closer to the lower figure.[1] This article will examine the credibility of several Jewish survivors of Treblinka.



No documentary or credible material trace exists of the alleged gas chambers at Treblinka. We would know nothing about the Treblinka gas chambers except for the testimony of a small number of eyewitnesses.

A November 15, 1942 report produced by the resistance movement of the Warsaw ghetto originally stated that steam chambers were used to kill Jews at Treblinka. In 1944, Jankiel Wiernik converted the embarrassing “steam chambers,” which characterized the first phase of the Treblinka atrocity propaganda, into “gas chambers.” Official historiography now considers the gas chambers of Treblinka as established historical fact.[28]

However, as discussed in this article, the eyewitness testimony of the Treblinka gas chambers is not credible. Such testimony cannot be used to prove that Germany mass murdered Jews at Treblinka. Germar Rudolf writes:

Thus, if 100 witnesses and 100 confessions state that the moon is made of green cheese or that 870,000 corpses can be burned within a few months without fuel and without leaving traces, both assertions being of a similar intellectual quality, then we have to conclude—in light of all the forensic evidence—that the witnesses and the defendants are wrong. Like it or not![29]


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