(vid) Ernst Zundel’s videographer Jurgen Neumann, Pt. 2 – In Auschwitz with Fred Leuchter, In Zundel’s house during the fire

Part 1: Jim Rizoli interviews Ernst Zundel’s videographer Jurgen Neumann – Has 500 Bitchute videos posted!

Jurgen Neumann currently has 476 videos on Germany real-history truth on his Bitchute site: JohnRobinson101

Additional videos on his Archive.org site:

Setting the Record Straight

I also upload videos and audio files at https://archive.org/details/@john_robinson_101


Jim Rizoli Juergen Neumann interview part 2

Jim Rizoli

Juergen Neumann was Ernst’s Zundel’s videographer and right hand man
We talk about his trip to Poland with Fred Leuchter and his wife and how
Fred went from being a true blue Holocaust believer to a Holocaust denier.

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