(vid) Wolfgang Halbig’s Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories Debunked

4:35 The dash cam videos Halbig received did have the time stamps.

8:45 “The mountain of evidence to show that school was operational is overwhelming, and it’s all online. …”

15:50 Halbig’s false statements about Columbine, including his involvement

33:53 “I read the report” questioned on air with Deanna Spingola.

36:23 EMTs and paramedics were allowed in the school

38:50 Raising money with John B. Wells’ help. Could “the love of money” be one of Halbig’s motivations?

47:44 The “little girl” incident spin

Wolfgang Halbig’s Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories Debunked

Jul 5, 2015

Sandy Hook Facts

This video examines the statements and methods used by Wolfgang Halbig.  Wolfgang Halbig is world famous as the owner and operator of a “for profit” Florida Licensed Charity, Sandy Hook Justice.   As a Charity owner, it is very important he represent the highest morals and ethics.   The current mission of Sandy Hook Justice is to raise funds sue several bloggers who have offended their leader.  With this less than worthy mission as a goal, everything he has said is being analyzed and parsed and prepared for a full in-depth professional investigation.  This video is the result of a some of that cataloging of his comments.  One day, it just might be Halbig’s hand might be the one raised and he can answer for his comments and provide a full accounting of his income.

911 Call Shot Analysis

This cannot be refuted or debunked – proof of shots fired at Sandy Hook


Hoaxers go back to their roots – intentionally blurring photos


Fetzer’s Sandy Hook Book Debunked – Deceptive Tactics Exposed


Side Thorn’s $100,000 Reward Claimed – Irrefutable Court Admissible proof of death provided https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OL4L…

Side Thorn feebly claims the authentic death certificates are “photoshops” – Wrong. $100,000 owed. time to pay up.

Wolfgang Halbig violates free speech, loses lawsuit

Update:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2jGg…

Wolfgang’s $1,000 Reward claimed


Wolfgang refuses to pay.


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