Surgeon general says blacks most susceptible to Covid-19; does NOT mention zinc or vitamin D, and why blacks especially may be deficient

Touchy subject that love requires be addressed:

Big Pharma’s frontman ignores key factors that would save many from getting ill. Big Pharma pose as the know-it-alls, and then ignore simple, natural remedies that cost pennies and work — which would free the people from the love-of-money driven Big Pharma and the destructive unconstitutional lockdowns which hit blacks especially hard!

The U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams, who is himself black refuses to tell blacks and whites what we need to know to ward off Covid-19. He says there is nothing inherent in blacks that make them more prone. There is one significant trait he ignores:

While black skin defends against sunburn, it also requires more sun exposure for the body to create vitamin D.

Dr. Shiva says this about vitamin D and Covid-19:

“But if you say vitamin D, vitamin A, which will frankly do the exact same thing [as HCQ] with vitamin C. What does vitamin D do? It’s a thing that will destroy viruses. It’s antimicrobial. That’s why when you go out in the sun, your body creates vitamin D…, and you literally start blowing up the membranes of the viruses or the bacteria. … But the notion of getting vitamin D, it’s so simple. … The establishment does not want the k.i.s.s. principle. … That’s why vitamin D, which will literally be an antimicrobial — and by the way, 90% of the MDs don’t know this…. And vitamin A, which literally builds beautiful sheets/walls to protect the virus, so the viruses don’t even get in.”

Also, a large percentage of black men are active in sports, which sweats out zinc. Zinc is one of the Covid-19 cures. Covid-19 patients often say they lost their sense of smell, which is zinc deficiency. Many Covid-19 deaths may be due mainly to zinc deficiency. In Alabama, 23% of deaths from Covid-19 had no underlying condition. Mike Adams reports:

We have a zinc deficient population. And do you know why some of these young triathletes and really active people are dying from this coronavirus is because they’re missing zinc, because they sweat it out. You have to replenish the minerals, especially if you’re sweating a lot. If you are exercising a lot, you are probably mineral deficient.”

The globalists have targeted black culture, destroying families and morality within the black community greatly. The majority of Covid-19 deaths are male.  Frequent sex and/or masturbation depletes zinc because sperm is high in zinc.

If the surgeon general was legitimate and really cared, wouldn’t he warn black and white people of these basic causes, and instead of just telling people to social distance and wash their hands, he could offer simple and inexpensive solutions that could make a huge difference, minimizing the fear, hospital visits and deaths?

CNN reports blacks getting hit harder:

…in some cities, the overwhelming majority of those who are losing their lives are African American. In ChicagoMilwaukee and New Orleans, African Americans represent 70-80% of the coronavirus deaths. And in St. Louis, according to the Associated Press, African Americans comprise all but three of the coronavirus deaths, as of Monday.

…national news outlets have drawn attention to Alabama for some of the highest coronavirus-related death rates and hospitalizations in the country, with African Americans comprising 35.7% of confirmed cases and 53.2% of deaths, despite only representing 27% of state’s population.

Instead, Dr. Jerome Adams’ solution is “wash your hands”:

Why minorities are hit harder by coronavirus, explains U.S. Surgeon General

Apr 10, 2020


Dr. Shiva: “Dark people need more sunlight. People who are dark are more prone to reduced vitamin D3. That may explain why a lot of the African-Americans were having more problems with ‘covid’ or flu.”

Dr. Shiva: Vitamins A, C & D do the same thing as HCQ but with no side effects. It’s pennies. This is why MSM isn’t talking about this. 90% of people die on ventilators now instead! – w/ Jason Bermas 4/9/20

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Scientific Paper: Zinc Defeats Coronavirus – Zn2+ Inhibits Coronavirus and Arterivirus RNA Polymerase Activity In Vitro and Zinc Ionophores Block the Replication of These Viruses in Cell Culture


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