Clear link between vitamin D deficiency and severity of coronavirus — Countries below 35° North have low mortality • Big Pharma USA silent!

What if covid severity is mainly a vitamin D and zinc deficiency, which Big Pharma/Big Media never recommend, because they’re driven by the “love of money,” rejecting God’s remedies outright?!

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Clear link between vitamin D deficiency and severity of coronavirus, says researchers

Vitamin D deficiency may play an important role in the severity of COVID-19 infections so supplementation should be strongly advised at this time, according to researchers after studying the mortality rates across the globe.

Researchers from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland studied the high prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency in Northern Hemisphere countries and the possible role of vitamin D in suppressing the severe inflammatory responses seen in very ill COVID-19 patients and in COVID-19 deaths. …

Published as an editorial in the Journal of Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, the authors point out that it is becoming clear that countries in the Southern Hemisphere such as Australia are seeing relatively low mortality due to COVID-19, which can no longer feasibly be related to the later appearance and spread of the virus.

The study states that all countries that lie below a latitude of 35 degrees North have relatively low mortality from COVID-19, whereas people in countries that lie thirty-five degrees North and above receive insufficient sunlight for adequate vitamin D levels in winter and spring. These include Italy and Spain, which have low population levels of vitamin D.

Mortality rates from COVID-19 are higher at these latitudes, with the exception of Nordic countries, where vitamin D supplementation is widespread and deficiency much less common.

Vitamin D is important in regulation and suppression of the inflammatory cytokine response, which plays a role in the severe consequences of COVID-19 and ‘acute respiratory distress syndrome’ associated with ventilation and mortality in COVID-19.

Editorial: low population mortality from COVID‐19 in countries south of latitude 35 degrees North supports vitamin D as a factor determining severity


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