PROOF of Berkzilla’s nonsense is next door Wasilla doing fine with no restrictions. And South Dakota never had any restrictions, because they actually followed the Constitution!

Robin Smyth shared a link.

NO NO NO ! “WIDESPREAD CATASTROPHE “ Has our Mayor been drinking ?? He keeps repeating the same worn mantra of “following the science” when he probably can’t even spell the word. He is a disgrace to our City and shows no shame in expressing his ill founded opinions and utter contempt for his electorate. How many weeks since he forcibly shut down Kriners and the only spike in COVID since has been among the homeless and mostly all of them are asymptomatic and I can bet none of them ate there.

Mayor Berkowitz makes it clear. He doesn’t listen to Public Opinion. Anchorage, Alaska

Aug 28, 2020

Mayor Berkowitz only listens to science. He never listens to public opinion when making decisions. Well, now we know how he comes to his conclusions, at least.