Dr. Ron Paul: “I don’t think masks are helpful at all,” except in some medical situations • “Gov’t should be out of the practice of medicine”

“This whole idea about masks, I don’t think they’re helpful at all. Yet masks, used in a medical sense under certain conditions, there’s nothing wrong with that.” – Dr. Ron Paul @ 18:55

“When bureaucrats run medicine, it’s not very scientific. That’s why I argue government should be out of the practice of medicine.” – Dr. Ron Paul @ 23:00

Why The ‘Covid Lockdowners’ Are Gunning For Dr. Atlas


The gloves are off and the fight is dirty! Those who have invested themselves in the idea that locking people down, destroying economies, and obliterating civil liberties in the name of fighting a virus are furious that President Trump has begun listening to a medical professional and policy expert who has a very different view. Dr. Scott Atlas has several times mentioned the successful approach of Sweden, which did better than many European countries without locking down and without destroying its economy. The US lockdowners want Dr. Atlas gone and they are not bashful about lying through their teeth. Also today, Governor Cuomo threatens Trump; political pressure for a November Covid vaccine; are people who refuse facemasks “sociopaths”? Watch today’s Liberty Report.

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