Pelosi Touches Her SHMUTZ MASK 66 Times in 13 Minutes!

And it only takes one time….

– –

During this 23 minute press conference House Speaker Nancy Pelosi & rep Jamie Raskin discuss the 25th Amendment and legislation that would create a Commission on Donald Trump’s Capacity to Discharge the Powers and Duties of Office. The original video’s lengths is 31 minutes.…

Pelosi only spoke for 13 minutes (including question and answer) but touched her SHMUTZ MASK an astounding 66 times, contaminating the podium, her clothing, the papers she held, the microphone and Jamie Raskin. That’s an average of 5 times a minute!!! This is more proof that the masks are truly POLITICAL THEATER. If they were REALLY concerned about this DREADED CERVEZA BUG; If they REALLY CARED about “STOPPING THE SPREAD” and “FLATTENING THE CURVE” they would act concerned. But they don’t. The SHUMUTZ mask amounts to a portable Petri Dish and more importantly, for them, POLITICAL THEATER! Share this EVERYWHERE to prove to people that even the politicians know it’s all for show.

Pelosi Touched Her SHMUTZ MASK How Many Times?!


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