Alaska Debate for the State: U.S Senate – Dan Sullivan Vs Al Gross

Pro-abortion Al Gross would be a disaster! His campaign is financed by $25M from leftists in the lower-48.

I’ve never been impressed with Dan Sullivan, and notice how much he brings up Lisa Murkowski, who is a disaster, even a traitor to our country by some of what she’s done. But I wouldn’t believe anything Al Gross says. He’d be far worse than Sullivan, would probably vote with the left as much or more than Murkowski.

Gross is being funded by the left so the left can take the Senate.

Debate for the State 2020 – U.S Senate Debate between Sen. Dan Sullivan and Al Gross


A lot is at stake as Alaskans prepare to cast their votes this election season. Alaska Public Media presents Debate for the State, a two-night debate series featuring candidates for U.S. Senate and House. Join Moderators Lori Townsend and Mike Ross as they ask the incumbents and their challengers for answers on the most pressing issues facing the country and Alaska.

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