Dr. Ron Paul: MASKS ARE MAKING US A NATION OF ZOMBIES – “You can’t see a smile or a frown…”

“Interpreting facial expression is so valuable. Masks are making us into a nation of zombies, because you can’t see a smile or a frown. There is so much you can tell. Over the years in the practice of medicine, I could walk into a room and the facial expression could tell me everything. …

As far as I’m concerned, it’s based on lies. I think this whole thing is a scandal. … There’s nothing pandemic about it.” – Dr. Ron Paul

Mask discussion at 10:20

Why Is The Media Ignoring The Explosive Biden Scandal(s)?


With the exception of a few in the mainstream media – such as Tucker Carlson – there has been a total blackout on what appear to be a credible and very damning tidal wave of information on corrupt Biden business deals. Last night Tucker Carlson interviewed one individual in the center of the scandals with first-hand information. So why won’t the media do its job and look into the story – whether to confirm or debunk it? Instead, Democrat operatives and deep staters have been brought back to scream “Russia Russia Russia!” Also today, coronavirus tyranny hits churches here and abroad.

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