America’s Frontline Doctors – COVID-19 TRUTH – SCOTUS Press Conference II – “Enough with the lies!” – Dr. Simone Gold

They’re back, after their viral first press conference video was banned by YouTube!

“Let’s reject fear. Let’s embrace early treatment, exercise, sunlight, vitamin D, zinc proven effective, irrefutably by science, not by propaganda, not by politics, not by corruption.” – Dr. Mark McDonald

“Enough with the lies!” – Dr. Simone Gold

Dr. Lee Merrit tells the truth about face masks at 14:20

Watch entire Session at

AFLDS Summit II Sessions

The second White Coat Summit was held in Washington D.C. October 16-17, 2020. Its purpose was to have frontline doctors talk directly to the American public, educate and inform policy leaders, and create alliances to enable physicians to heal our nation. Its emphasis was on the proven success of early treatment.

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