Skousen: Capitol Violence – Agent Provocateurs Led the Charge

World Affairs Brief, January 8, 2021 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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Every mainstream media outlet in the world is trumpeting the charge that Trump supporters assaulted the US Capitol on Wednesday, just as Senators and House members were debating the status of the disputed Arizona state electoral college votes. It was only partially true. The television footage was dramatic and shocking but doesn’t even come close to telling the entire story. The actual violent confrontation with Capitol police was done by a much smaller group of agent provocateurs who fought with Capitol police to gain entrance to the House and Senate chambers. Some wore masks or gas masks to conceal their identity and protect against tear gas. The fact that these few brought gas masks with them in backpacks proves that they anticipated or knew they would provoke a violent confrontation with police. Some were dressed all in black with hoodies and face coverings similar to the paid Deep State agent provocateurs that broke windows in cities during police protests earlier in the year. Others wore their MAGA hats backwards to signal to others their real affiliation. These burly thugs started the violence and continued it inside after Capitol police opened the barricades and let protestors inside. One member of the DC police may have even led protestors as they ascended the capitol stairs to the gallery level, which deserves investigation. Sadly, innocent Trump protestors got caught up in the moment and followed the instigators into the melee. This big provocation was planned and executed by the Deep State to forever poison Trump’s legacy and deter any ambivalent Congressmen for voting against the Biden electors. Sadly, Trump hasn’t seen the evidence yet of agent provocateurs and issued a statement condemning his followers who did this. They weren’t his followers.

January 6th will go down in history as one of the most shocking days in American history, simply because the media will never let the world forget about it, and the blame they cast on Trump supporters. The false flag attack worked as planned, and president Trump is now being blamed for inciting a riot and worse.

Impeachment proceeding are being planned. Pelosi even threatened to impeach President Trump for “sedition.” VP Pence left her and Chuck Schumer on hold for 25 minutes when they called him to demand he remove Trump using the 25th Amendment, but he ultimately turned them down. Pelosi indicated she intends to proceed with impeachment. Even though there isn’t time for formal hearings and debate before the January 20th inauguration day when Trump will cease to become president, with the Democrats nominally in charge of both houses of Congress, it isn’t inconceivable that they could try to rush the proceeding next week and get a conviction in the Senate with a handful of Republican traitors like Mitt Romney voting to convict. The reason for the rush would be to add a provision to forever ban Trump from holding office—a legal option following any impeachment.

There is also a move to label Trump mentally unstable and subject to removal by a 25th Amendment process, by unnamed members of his cabinet. Anti-Trump White House staff are leaking negative comments about the President, questioning his mental stability while all this was unfolding, and adding fuel to the anti-Trump fire. Mitch McConnell’s globalist wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao is resigning over the “MAGA riot” and blaming Trump. The virulently anti-Trump forces aren’t satisfied with just getting Trump out of office through a stolen election, they want his reputation forever destroyed so that he won’t dare run again.

But they want more than Trump’s defeat. ABC’s News Political Director Rick Klein even said, “Getting Rid Of Trump Is The Easy Part. Cleansing The Movement He Commands … Something Else.” They want the movement dead over this.

The media has made several false allegations against the President accusing him of deliberately provoking the riots. NBC commentators said he told all the protestors to “march on the Capitol and stop the electoral vote count.” I listened to his speech and he said no such thing. From the podium in front of the White House, the president invited them all to walk up Pennsylvania Avenue to the capitol to “help those weak Republicans” gain some backbone about the election fraud. At no time did he direct them to “stop the count.” But that won’t stop Deep State Federal prosecutors and the DC Attorney General from investigating and indicting Trump, Giuliani and Donald Jr for incitement. They are planning the attack right now.

Naturally, the media continued to assert that Trump used the falsehood of “widespread election fraud” to whip up his supporters into a frenzy. He did say that, but there was no frenzied reaction and no falsehood. It looks like the nation will be forever assaulted with media claims that there was no fraud, despite the mountain of evidence that the election was stolen.

The only provocative thing Trump said was “We aren’t going to take it anymore,” which could mean anything from legal action to citizen rebellion against democratic and legal processes. Perhaps some people took that to mean rebellion when legal recourse has become corrupted and no longer available to citizens—which is certainly now the case.

Think about a crowd of supporters who drove or flew hundreds of miles to DC to attend the rally, and you hear a challenge like that—“We aren’t going to take it anymore” —and maybe some of the hotter heads thought it meant taking physical action. Most, however, did not. Some of the Trump supporters got into the middle of scuffles following the agent provocateurs, but most stayed calm and several even tried to help and protect the Capitol Police from the violent offenders. But the media is out to portray Trump as the cause of it all. Here is a typical media hatchet job [Daily Mail] on Trump discussing how they are going to get him:

The president, who has spent weeks falsely attacking the integrity of the election, had earlier urged his supporters to ‘fight like hell’ and protest Congress’ formal approval of the results in yet another failed attempt to stay in power.

As a sitting president, Trump cannot be charged with any crimes until he officially leaves office on January 20 when Biden is inaugurated, however authorities can still open a case and conduct an investigation. But even if they choose to pursue legal action, details of such are unlikely to be announced in order to avoid Trump potentially pardoning himself and sparking a constitutional crisis.

The extraordinary breach has raised questions from lawmakers on both sides of the political spectrum as to how law enforcement could allow a mob to occupy and vandalize the federal building.

A good point. I will tell you how the mob got in: the police let them in voluntarily: Here is a video that shows they were still completely peaceful, and the Capitol Police calmly let them enter after a brief discussion. They did not force their way in. Interestingly, you see a man wearing a hoody with a backpack already inside the barricades suspiciously waiting for the protestors to be let in, and then he waves them on to come forward.

The next day the Chief of Capitol Police resigned despite defending his department’s response to the DC riots. The chief also revealed or gave the excuse that he understaffed police at the capitol to avoid the “bad optics of armed officers.” I don’t think that was the real reason.

Most videos show how the vast majority of Trump supporters were just standing around on the capitol steps, singing, and taking pictures. Then you see the tear gas starting to roll out of the building as police confront the few violent thugs trying to breach the House chambers. Finally, Capitol police began ushering them off the mid-level area and the steps, and even then no one is fighting them.

The first violence appeared at gates on the paths leading up to the capitol. Peaceful Trump supporters report young, angry men rushing past them to violently engage the barriers and push them back against police, but not before real Trump supporters try to calm them down and de-escalate the situation, which the burly youths shrug off. As the police fall back, other Trump supporters follow the now open pathway forward.

At the capitol agent provocateurs again confronted police at some of the barricades. Police retreated behind the doors and a few violent people took up position around doors trying to be let in, bashing the doors and breaking glass to gain entrance. Some true protestors saw what was going on and booed, calling for them to stop and yelling “Antifa, Antifa.” Eventually, a true protestor fights his way through the cadre around the door and tries to stop the one banging on the glass, only to be attacked by others around the door.

The head of Greenville SC Tea Party was present to witness the violence with a lady radio reporter. He said he saw, “several big, strapping males — gas masks and helmets–very well dressed in body armor” — and they “left the scene” early, (to evade arrest).

Author Dannion Brinkley attended the Capitol rally and said he witnessed the whole thing. His observations were that only about two dozen people caused all the trouble. They carried backpacks and equipmentNatural News wrote,

We now know that the people who led the storming of the building are the very same people who have previously been photographed as active individuals at BLM rallies, matching their tattoos, facial hair and even worn equipment.

In addition, Antifa / BLM operators were transported to the event for the sole purpose of carrying out provocateur / false flag operations. “According to a former FBI agent on the ground at the US Capitol, at least one bus load of Antifa goons infiltrated the Trump rally as part of a false flag operation,” reports The Gateway Pundit.

Jack Posobiec tweetedEyewitness reports one of the first people to break a window at the Capitol wearing a US flag shirt but took it off and tossed it in bush after. Others in dark clothing urging people to rush forward, starting anti-govt chants in crowd.

The unruly mob (and protestors behind them) were allowed into the capitol. More scuffles took place inside, culminating at the chamber doors to the House. In this picture you can see armed guards inside the room placing a piece of furniture in front of the door to barricade it, with drawn guns aimed at those trying to break in. The glass was eventually broken out of both sides of this double door, and that is where former Air Force woman veteran Ashli McEntee Babbitt tried to climb up through the window and was shot in the neck. She died at the scene.

The Daily Mail found quite a bit of background information on Babbitt, including minor run-ins with the law. There were also comments by former Air Force members who deployed with her describing her as “a boisterous firecracker, who was always trying to be in the thick of things. Loud, cocky, braggadocious,” You would have to have a personality prone to excess to try and climb through the broken out window with police pointing weapons at you and threatening to shoot.

It was a tragic moment, and I don’t believe for a minute they had to shoot her since she was unarmed and up against multiple officers. In announcing an investigation into the shooting, Capitol Police said,

“These individuals actively attacked United States Capitol Police Officers and other uniformed law enforcement officers with metal pipes, discharged chemical irritants, and took up other weapons against our officers. They were determined to enter into the Capitol Building by causing great damage,”

True, but all those who brought makeshift weapons and did damage were agent provocateurs—not legitimate Trump support[er]s. That list of weapons threats quoted was done to implicate Babbitt in the violence, but she had no weapon. She climbed through the window with both hands in front, obviously unarmed. In total during the confrontation, 3 other people died from “medical emergencies.” One was ‘trampled to death‘ in the Rotunda, another died from a heart attack ‘amid the excitement’ and the third suffered a stroke.

Apparently, after the shooting, the guards retreated and left the House chamber open to entrance. Protestors flooded in and also into the gallery-balcony above. One bare chested man riddled with evil tattoos and wearing a furry horned hat took over the speaker’s chair was especially photographed. He turns out to be Jake Angelli, who has also been filmed at prior BLM/Antifa riots in Arizona with this same getup protesting about Q and likely part of the anti-Trump crowd.

Here is a picture taken of a flyer put up by Antifa “Comrades” prior to invading a Nov 4 Trump rally telling everyone to dress up like Trump protestors. In the days leading up to Wednesdays riot, a person affiliated with Antifa messaged how they were instructing each other to wear their MAGA hats backwards to recognize each other. Matt Gaetz, (R-Fl) in the intro to this video, took to the floor of the House and declared that facial recognition software had identified numerous antifa terrorists masquerading as Trump supporters committing violent acts.

Real conservatives would oppose damaging the capitol, and that is just what happened, but the media never reported it. Emma Right tweeted:

Yes! Trump supporters tried to stop breaking of windows more than once —even ended fighting with them. I was there watching n taping!

Outraged lawmakers have vowed to arrest and jail protestors who invaded the Capitol building, but legal experts point out that unless they committed acts of violence or damaged Capitol property, they can only be charged with trespassing. The government says they arrested 68 persons after the riot and have issued photographs of 36 other suspects that the government is searching for.

Noticeably absent from any of those 36 photos are the agent provocateurs in gas masks, or other concealing masks. One such criminal with his entire head concealed with a flag type covering was using a barricade to bash in a door at the capitol. Once under arrest, it is hard to track what happens to them. Any of the violent protestors hired by the Deep State will certainly be quietly released without charge.

Business Insider began immediately to post negative stories about how Trump defended his supporters:

President Donald Trump privately defended his supporters as they stormed the Capitol on Wednesday and contradicted aides by ad-libbing parts of the recorded speech in which he told rioters to go home, The Washington Post reported.

As Trump supporters raided the Capitol during a joint session of Congress, the president defended their actions back at the White House, an administration official told The Post.

“He kept saying: ‘The vast majority of them are peaceful. What about the riots this summer? What about the other side? No one cared when they were rioting. My people are peaceful. My people aren’t thugs,’ ” the unnamed official said, referring to the unrest last summer tied to the Black Lives Matter movement.

[Then came this hateful comment, showing how many anti-Trumpers are still surrounding the president:] “He didn’t want to condemn his people… He was a total monster today,” the official added, saying it was a worse day than when Trump defended the people who took part in the 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The Week magazine also got their share of leaks from other traitors surrounding Trump, saying he is “mentally unreachable,” hoping to add fuel to the “mental incompetency” charge.

But Tucker Carlson’s monologue that night on Fox News, took up Trump’s theme by showcasing all the footage of Democrats justifying and excusing BLM/Antifa violence and riots, while Democrats condemned the Trump supporters for “their” violence. Unfortunately, Carlson never mentioned the possibility the violent protestors were not Trump supporters—just the hypocrisy of the Democrats. Trump in that late evening also wasn’t aware of all the agent-provocateurs that were causing the violence.


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