Skousen: Disinformation Claims About Trump Being Restored Discredited — NONE have apologized for passing on the bogus information

World Affairs Brief, January 22, 2021 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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It’s Over: Disinformation Claims About Trump Being Restored Discredited

It has been a long battle trying to convince subscribers and Trump supporters that all the stories of false hope spread by “insiders” like Q about Trump staying in office after the theft of the election were bogus. In reality, Q was only a small part of the plot to lead Trump supporters astray with false hope. There were also former and current people in various branches of intelligence who would call up people like Generals Flynn and McInerny to feed them false information. They were so effective the good generals bought it—in part because they were naive about the depth of control held by the Deep State over the NSA and the rest of our government and military. Attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood were also targets of disinformation, with Wood spreading some of the most bizarre rumors. Simon Parkes, an old intelligence man in the UK, developed quite a following to his daily “Online Updates” with a mixture of true facts and outrageous claims. The disinformation he gets must be coming from British Intelligence which is in league with our own Deep State, because it echoes what many have been saying in the US. It became downright absurd last Wednesday when he claimed that the Inauguration would be faked —that it would be a computer generated event using Deep Fake computer animation and that all the soldiers in DC were there to arrest all the traitors and reinstall Donald Trump as president. Of course, that never happened. Even as he was saying it, president Trump was packing up and moving out of the White House. What is most disturbing is that NONE of the sincere recipients of this massive disinformation campaign have come out and apologized for passing on the bogus information. None have come out to expose and decry the people who whispered these lies in their ears. How are we to learn from these campaigns to deceive if the victims of this disinformation campaign don’t have the courage to reject and expose it?

As I said, it’s over. The facts are in. Trump has been illegally removed from office by election fraud. Nothing the disinformation crowd has claimed has come true about restoring Trump—not even close. And it never will. Ryan Hardy tweeted after the Inauguration,

What a day on the QAnon forums as the sinking reality hits them that there is no “grand plan” for Trump to be secretly unveiled at the last minute as next President whilst Biden is arrested by “feds on our side”.

BigLeaguePolitics writes that, “Some QAnon hucksters are even pushing the lie that Biden is going to execute the illusive ‘plan.’” This is approaching the irrational! What will they think of next?

Other Twitter users are mocking QAnon followers after it has become obvious that there never was a plan and they were duped. Some of their shocked reactions are being profiled by liberals who are gloating after successfully executing their coup.

As I have said numerous times before, there doesn’t exist a group of patriots at the decision making level of the military, the intelligence agencies or the federal law enforcement and investigative agencies—none. The vetting process by the Deep State and the military is so complete that no one gets promoted to the authority levels unless they are a yesman to the globalist mindset, or worse: personally compromised.

Sure, there are plenty of soldiers and good guys in the FBI and CIA at the lower levels, but there is no way to even begin organizing a resistance within the armed forces or within armed federal agencies without the all-seeing eye of NSA surveillance knowing about it—and shutting it down.

Likewise, there is no way anyone on the “inside” is going to be permitted to leak revolutionary ideas or intel to any of the popular Trump supporting bloggers unless they are working for the Deep State. Steel yourself against such false hopes and disinformation in the future. It is only when we face reality that we can properly decide what to do next.

You might expect that now that all of these false stories have ended in failure, that the disinformation sources would stop. Alex Jones posted in this special video message about the disinformation we have been plagued with, that Q anon is silent for now, and the various Q boards on the net have shut down comments to keep discouraged Q supporters from complaining or asking embarrassing questions. But in other areas of the net disinformation is still being spread like the claim that thousands of Chinese troops are at the border ready to invade. Yes, there are a few hundred Chinese troops doing training in Western Canada courtesy of globalist/leftist PM Trudeau, but they are no invasion threat.

Mike Adams of has always believed the hype but wrote as a cautious believer Last week before he put out the “theory” that before Trump left office, he turned over power to FEMA and the military. On Wednesday, he put out a brief statement on Brighteon (which was subsequently removed) admitting things didn’t turn out like he thought, but on Thursday, he was back hyping the false hope crowd and criticizing those patriots who became rightfully disillusioned with false hope as “quitters and free loading” patriots unwilling to keep fighting. That was very unfair.

Adam’s claims dovetail with the new phony claims that you’ll see below claiming that Pete Gaynor and Christopher Miller are secretly running the country in the absence of a legitimate government. That’s nonsense. It will take a few weeks for people to see that this isn’t true as nothing is overturned. If these two Trump appointees aren’t replaced by Biden, you will know they are establishment players.

With the exception of Alex Jones, the purveyors of all this nonsense, rather than apologizing, are desperately trying to find ways of rationalizing the failures away and create new paths to “victory” with the help of those disinformation experts whispering in their ears.

Simon Parkes joined this internet panel after the inauguration went forward, and not a word was said admitting to all the failures of Simon’s claims. In fact, panel member Charlie Ward claimed that all the TV stations in Spain had the inauguration on screen at 7am in Spain, implying that it was pre-produced as Simon had been claiming. David Nino Rodriguez, without picking up the bait, threw out the idea that perhaps the military would accomplish the coup through Biden, so as to “not embarrass Trump.”

That idea was backed up by Charlie Ward who said, “I keeping listening, minute by minute, to the intel coming the General, saying ‘remain calm, everything is coming.’” He then says his intel source names the two people who are controlling the military and government on behalf of Trump: Pete Gaynor (head of FEMA) and Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller. Yes, those two are at the top for now in FEMA and the Pentagon, but there is absolutely zero evidence that they are following this agenda. I suppose with the notion of “it’s still coming,” false hope can be prolonged forever.

Ward goes on to say that his “sources” (proving there is someone feeding him this junk) say that in the new government, Mike Pompeo is going to be Vice President and that Gen. Flynn is going to be a roving ambassador promoting “Nesara” a questionable conspiracy claim about secret government tax funding. Both are nonsense, Pompeo is a globalist. Anyone who would suggest he would be part of a pro-Trump coup is just seeing how gullible Trump supporters are. And, Nesara was never secretly passed by Congress.

As a final straw in the Deep State’s blocking of the good things Trump tried to do, the foot high pile of documents on the Russiagate fiasco that Trump declassified NEVER GOT released this week as claimed. Rumor has it that Gina Haspel of the CIA cancelled their release just before she resigned. Of course, the Biden administration will make sure it never gets released.

Along with that, the John Durham special investigation of FBI spying on the Trump campaign, along with other Deep State crimes never got released either, and never will.

I only cover these new claims of disinformation to show that this flood is never going to end—it is just regrouping and figuring out how best to deceive next. I expect Q will come back online soon with more false claims. It isn’t going to end unless conservatives wake up and stop believing it and passing it around.

All this has now reached the point of such garbage that it’s going to be counter productive to waste time covering each new bizarre claim. Hopefully, the more rational believers in this stuff will stop following it, and understand why the entire premise of secret patriot groups inside government is false. It wastes a lot of time and energy to get caught up in false hope when we should be concentrating on the preparations we must make to evade, where possible, the Biden tyranny descending upon us and the coming nuclear war.

Lastly, all the Deep State people who feigned loyalty to Trump and served in or around his administration, like AG Bill Barr, have all quickly jumped ship and tried to distance themselves from Trump by claiming there was no election fraud. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday came out attacking Trump and fully blamed the president for the Capitol violence, saying the mob was “fed lies” and that the president and others “provoked” those intent on overturning Democrat Joe Biden’s election.

No one can make those statements and be an honest conservative. Now, it should be clear that McConnell is on the other side, just like Mitt Romney and many other Republican senators. Just how many defectors we have to the Democrats isn’t yet clear but we will soon know as the Democrats in the Senate start to ram through radical legislation.

The Republican’s only protection against a Democratic sweep is the filibuster rule forcing the Democrats to muster 2/3rd of the Senate to pass disputed bills. The Dems want to get rid of it, and if the RINO Republicans go along, we will know who to blame.

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