Skousen: The “Great Reset” Threat is Real — 50% of jobs will be gone by 2025 due to automation & Amazon won’t need a single human within 10, says Lee. People will cry out for universal income.

World Affairs Brief, January 29, 2021 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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I have covered the “Great Reset” before by saying that this globalist conspiracy to replace free markets with various forms of socialism is linked to the Covid 19 shutdowns of small businesses. The main purpose of the shutdowns have been not to protect people from contagion, but to get people used to a permanent level of government control through emergency orders and damage local economies sufficiently to make them dependent upon regular government bailouts.

That is happening. Not only is the money creation and deficit spending scheme disastrous to the value of the dollar, long term, but inserted into those bailout bills are various “poison pill” pieces of legislation slowly replacing capitalism with socialist programs and other globalist initiatives like “climate change” regulations.

The Off-Guardian organization has produced a very professional video presentation of where this Global Reset conspiracy is going to lead. The formal plan is being presented in a series of lectures at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos Switzerland. I usually don’t have time to watch long videos, but this is a must-watch. For those of you short on time, I present the following summary. Read my paraphrasing of what is presented and then go back and watch the video when you have more time.

It begins with an introduction on the falsified pandemic using bad data and the promise that with the vaccine “we can get on with our lives” —under the “new normal.” Question: “Will we see a new normal in a world with harsh tyrannical rules, governed by a centralized totalitarian state?”

Many have suspected the pandemic was planned by a group of big tech elites. What might their motive be for orchestrating a global pandemic?

To understand, we have to explore a major shift in our economy—the replacement of labor by robots and artificial intelligence software. It is called the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The first was steam power and the factories that developed in the late 1700s. Second, was mass production industries based on carbon fueled engines, steel and electricity. The Third was the computer and internet revolution. The Fourth is artificial intelligence (AI) and how it integrates with humans.

The video then focuses on Kai Fu Lee, former head of Google China and Microsoft China, author of AI Super Powers: China, Silicon Valley and the New World Order. Lee is touting how AI and self driving cars will replace humans and most jobs—he proposes a tax on robotics to fund universal income because most people can’t be retrained for high tech.

He says China will be the new AI superpower within 5 years. “If data is the new oil, then china is the new Saudi Arabia.” Robots are completely taking over people’s jobs. They can work 24/7, need no healthcare, and are more efficient.

Within 10 years he says, we will have a massive job problem at Amazon, where robotic labor in their warehouses are already pulling stock and packaging them for delivery. Within 10 years Amazon says they will not need a single human to fulfill an order.

According to the World Economic Forum 50% of the workforce will need new skills by 2025, and it is likely that only a fraction will find work. Elon Musk says, “It’s a pretty good chance, we end up with a universal basic income, due to automation.” People will cry out for it if most of the jobs disappear.

One idea being floated is to charge tech companies with a robot tax—automation tax—which can be distributed to the unemployed as part of universal basic income. Bill Gates is seen laughing, saying “I don’t think the big tech companies are going to be outraged by a tax… it’s OK.”

Klaus Schwab is Executive Chair of the World Economic Forum, which is funded by the largest global enterprises. He is author of The Fourth Industrial Revolution. “Compared to the past 3 industrial revolutions, jobs will now be destroyed much faster than they are created… The Fourth Industrial Revolution will change our lives completely. It will change us and our identity… It gives life to such policies as ‘smart traffic, smart government, and smart cities.’”

June 1919, the UK government signed a deal with the WEF for “Regulation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In June 2020, the WEF released a promotion video entitled “The Great Reset.” In it they explain how the covid shutdowns destroy economies, and a new theme created for the Great Reset under globalization is “Build Back Better.” Notice that both UK PM Boris Johnson and Joe Biden are using this theme for their respective governments.

The purpose of this film, after showing images of fire, destruction and Covid restrictions, whether disasters, pollutions, robots, etc, is that “everything needs to change.” “Our systems need a reset” Then it shows people being released from Covid (via a vaccine), and this was published a year before it was happening.

Time Magazine, always at the forefront of pushing globalist change, had a front cover on Election 2020 entitled “The Great Reset,” by Klaus Schwab.

Politicians are promoting the idea that the “pandemic has provided an opportunity for a great reset” –Justin Trudeau. “This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems” The head of the IMF says, “History will look at this crisis as the great opportunity for a reset.”

Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the UN says, “All aspects of the Great Reset are fundamental toward building the future we need.” Prince Charles (a long time globalist) put out a major glitzy video about the reset and sustainability—code word for globalist mandates on private enterprise. “We need nothing short of a paradigm shift that requires action at a revolutionary level… We simply cannot waste any more time.”

The WEF says Capitalism needs to be redefined (replaced) and their slogan “Build Back Better” has been adopted by politicians across the globe. Biden said recently, “We just can’t build back the way things were before… Under my plan Automation and Globalization don’t mean that American workers can’t lead to a better future.” UK PM Boris Johnson said, “This gives us a much better chance to be radical…and to do things differently–to Build Back Better.”

What does the world look like under the WEF proposals: Here are 3 of them: 1) You will own nothing, and be happy. 2) Whatever you want, you will rent and it will be delivered by drone. 3) Western Values will be tested (read “destroyed”) to the breaking point.

Boris Johnson has proposed a ban on gasoline and diesel cars by 2030, blocking vehicle access to side roads, residential streets and introducing a pay-by-mile road tax.

Kai Fu Lee: “…the biggest transformation will be autonomous cars, which will replace all forms of transportation. You’ll simply dial up an Uber car within 30 second and takes you where you want. [Stupid. How about rural places an hour from a city?] Data will be so much better in 10 years that most people will be afraid to drive—because cars can do it so much more safely” Autonomous vehicles will be talking to each other, and miss each other by one centimeter. Soon after that, humans will be not allowed to drive.

Yuval Harari, an author and historian speaking about WEF 2020, warned that technology is very real but it may also disrupt human life as we know it “Suppose you are a 50 year old truck driver and you just lost your job to an autonomous vehicle. Can you get retrained? Try designing software or teaching yoga to software engineers.”

It will create a global useless class and more global elites. We are already in the midst of an AI arms race. China and the US are leading the race and most countries are left behind. Smaller countries will now not win by providing cheap labor, as robots will produce cars cheaper than Mexico. New exploitation will occur.

Big Tech companies like Google and Amazon grew by billions during the pandemic. Then the documentary talks about the vaccine problems and 5G. I still maintain that the biggest danger from 5G is not the health issues per-se, but the increased data harvesting and surveillance that is the threat. 5G will put receivers almost everywhere.

My comments: All of the worst aspects of the “Great Reset” can only happen in dense cities—not rural areas. Even 5G can’t have the density of installation in rural areas where there are not enough users and buildings. Automation in agriculture is already at a mature level, and can never fully replace humans. We will continue to see the government push for increased urbanization and even the control of land-use planning that could ban rural development, so that people are largely forced to live in cities. Freedom will only exist outside of large cities.

And most importantly, none of this ambitious plan replacing human labor, and controlling everyone with AI can happen without a vastly increased bandwidth on the internet, a steady supply of electricity and complete peace—with everything working smoothly, without conflict.

What is going to bring all of this surveillance and control agenda to a screeching halt is war. As I have long projected, Russia and China are planning a pre-emptive nuclear strike on the US military targets and some EU military targets, leaving most cities undamaged, except where they are close to military targets. It will be preceded by about 15 or 20 minutes by an EMP strike on the US power grid, which only Russia and China are capable of doing.

That means the internet is going down, and so will cell phone systems. It will be at least a year before power can be restored because the US has stockpiled only a few of the huge transformers that convert the thousands of volts in long distance transmission lines to usable voltage at substations—which will be destroyed in an EMP event. And they are all made in China. The US will have to learn to build them again locally, while struggling under conditions with little or no power. So, without electricity for a long time, be prepared for massive social unrest and famine.

From a spiritual perspective, the Lord certainly knows about all the control systems Satan’s minions are developing on earth. Each of the 3 separate Satanic conspiracies of power on Earth (Our own globalists, Russia and China) think they are going to win this coming war and control the entire world thereafter under their own version of the New World Order.

But I think the nature of evil is never going to allow peace to fully return after this war starts. Evil systems are always plagued by constant infighting and power struggles. Without enlightened self and national interest, people just won’t ever get along, especially when immorality and corruption are rampant in all nations.

I think that Russia will go down in this war, as a world power, but that China and the West will survive with significant damage and continue fighting each other in a long term war of attrition that will prohibit a return to peace on earth until the second coming. Constant conflict will stop or hinder all of this nonsense about AI control of humans with implants (Elon Musk), self-driving everything, and mass unemployment.

Yes, employment in large corporations will cease for a time when the grid goes down, but human labor will be an absolute necessity for survival, albeit at a more primitive level. The key will be having to learn all those manual skills from scratch when society is thrust back into more primitive times without electricity for a while. In short, there is not going to be a return to liberty ever in this country, and we all need to start preparing in earnest for a much more rugged existence.

The silver lining is that the social unrest will drive out millions of good people from the huge cities and we will have new pockets of liberty in regional and local areas. The Lord always preserves a remnant of his people if they will listen to the warning signs and prepare.

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