Dr. Robert Rowen: “About 75% of deaths from COVID are false” | Ozone therapy could have quickly ended the pandemic

Dr. Robert J. Rowen Comment on March 11, 2021 under the ‘Facebook Caught’ post

The fact that the report has been blocked already serves as strong evidence that the media is programming you. I am amazed at how bamboozled the average man on the street is about this. Yes, COVID has killed many people. But, from what I can see, it culled the most vulnerable, people already quite ill or towards the end of their lives. In my estimation, about 75% of deaths from COVID are false. Just MY opinion. That does leave 25% who suffered from a rather serious disease for them. I still don’t know of a single case of COVID that died from the disease after ozone therapy. I believe this pandemic could have been put to an end by last June if we had leaders who served the people rather than their “owners”. Even in California, I know of a strong personal attempt by a personal friend of Newsom to get him to look at oxidation therapy. No response!!!!

Facebook Caught with No Clothes on This Page for Misleading Information

The Facebook “fact checkers” have splashed the attached message to all visitors of my page telling you that the COVID vaccine goes through “many tests for safety and effectiveness before they’re approved”.

If this company were honorable, it would permit fact checkers for their own posts that cloud my posts.

The statement might be true. But could it be 100% misleading? A salesman could do many checks for safety of the vehicles he sells you, and tell you so “honestly”. But what does that mean? He could check for tire blow outs, engine blow outs, transmission blow outs. That might be “many tests for safety and effectiveness.” But suppose he doesn’t check for battery fires. You start the vehicle and the battery catches fire and you burn up. That’s Facebook “safety” checking.

I think FB has been caught in not just a half-truth but a deliberate misleading statement from a corporation that has assumed the role of know it all in vaccination and COVID. A CORPORATION. …

FB should be ashamed of itself for its unholy attempts to mind bend or “educate” you, or program you. Another term is “corporate brainwashing”. …

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