Skousen: Critique of Geerte Vanden Bossche Vaccine Claims

Del Bigtree and TruNews may be wrong on this one; though, I’ll still consider Bossche’s prediction a possibility, since the long term future of these *experimental* vaccines using new RNA technology is unknown.

What Skousen is questioning: Dutch Vaccine Expert Warns Mass Vaccinations May Cause Global Catastrophe Soon

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World Affairs Brief, March 19, 2021 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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The anti-vaccine movement is all abuzz this week with the claims of Geert Vanden Bossche a Dutch Phd and DVM (veterinarian) who claims the mRNA shot will cause mass population deaths in the future. But I am skeptical that he claims too much with no evidence. Yes, the vaccines cause a variety of health damage and even deaths, but the symptoms and damage are so varied that they defy tracing to any single cause and effect, which make it all that more difficult to make extreme claims of mass deaths.

Also, I don’t trust anyone who is part of the vaccine industry and who is pro-vaccine. He admits, “I am all but an antivaxxer. …On the contrary, I can assure you that each of the current vaccines have been designed, developed and manufactured by brilliant and competent scientists.” Even worse, he has worked for GAVI, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis and other vaccine proponents; as well as the Gates Foundation on vaccines. He says he is also developing his own competing NK (natural killer) cell vaccine that he claims is the solution. There is no way to mass produce a safe vaccine, period! His paper is a bit complex, but I will try and simplify and bring clarity to the issues he brings up.

He first begins with a long explanation of natural immunity antibodies which are non-specific but generally trained through regular daily exposure to bacteria and viruses. So far so good. This is why you want your children exposed to childhood diseases like measles, mumps and chicken pox to train the immune system to react rapidly in developing specific antibodies to new diseases it hasn’t experience before.

He makes a big deal out of the idea that this innate immune system “has no memory” compared to antigen-specific antibodies that are created to fight a particular pathogen. That may be true in a technical sense, but clearly a highly active and trained immune system has a lot of development on how to quickly recognize bad stuff and develop the specific antibodies to fight it. He may not call it memory, but it is experience; and he’s wrong to downplay our own immune system in favor of vaccines.

Then, comes his first error: “During a pandemic, especially youngsters will be affected by this evolution as their natural Antibodies are not yet largely suppressed by a panoply of ‘acquired’, antigen-specific anti-bodies.”

First of all children have not been largely affected by this pandemic, even with their relatively inexperienced immune systems. Second, he is making the case that when antigen specific antibodies are created, somehow the natural immune system is suppressed: “Suppression of innate immunity, especially in the younger age groups, can, therefore, become very problematic” How so? He gives no evidence for that being caused by the vaccination of the general population or by the natural creation of S-specific antibodies. But it is part of his key claim as to why the mRNA will devastate the population in the future—though we don’t see any of that yet on any generalized scale.

Then he tries to establish a link to immunity suppression in Children by the vaccination of the Elderly, which so devoid of logic and evidence that I waste your time trying to explain it. It will only confuse you.

His main case is that vaccinated people are turned into increased carriers of extremely dangerous forms of the mutant virus which they shed, but he fails to explain why vaccinated people are any more prone to creating mutant forms than anyone else who has or had the virus, but is unvaccinated. And so far none of the claimed mutant forms have been shown to be any more dangerous than the original.

Besides his false claim that vaccinated people are protected, vaccinated people are NOT more susceptible to being carriers of mutant forms. There is no evidence they lead to more viral shedding than anyone else either—which is the basis of his claim that vaccination is going to lead to a massive depopulation if not stopped.

At that stage, the virus will, indeed, have managed to gain access to a huge reservoir of subjects who have now become highly susceptible to disease as their S-specific Antibodies have now become useless in terms of protection [against the mutant forms] but still manage to provide for long-lived suppression of their innate immunity.

Once again, he gives no evidence for the claim of suppression of innate immunity based on the creation of specific antigen antibodies. Now, I happen to believe that natural immunity is damaged by taking vaccines (because of auto immune attacks on our own body and organs) –not because it is somehow suppresses your natural immunity by creating specific antibodies against a pathogen, as he claims:

… all vaccinated subjects and Covid-19 seropositve people [have] now lost both, their acquired and innate immune defense against Covid-19 (while highly infectious [mutant] strains are circulating).

He is saying everyone vaccinated and those who have had Covid before and developed specific S-type antibodies have lost their innate immunity. How? Where’s the evidence? And, he’s hyping the danger of these mutant forms (along with the media) compared to the original virus—which wasn’t deadly at all to healthy people and still isn’t.

So, you can see why I’m skeptical, and I’m not the only one. Children’s Health Defense just published a scathing critique by experienced medical writer Rosemary Frei which not only takes apart his arguments, but chastises vaccine skeptics Del Bigtree and Vernon Coleman for uncritically buying into his claims without seeing through the many contradictions and flaws.

Bigtree and Coleman virtually unquestioningly accept and amplify Vanden Bossche’s views. They strongly insinuate to their overwhelmingly credulous subscribers that there’s virtually no fact-checking or pause for sober second thought required… this has all the hallmarks of a drug-company astroturf campaign. It’s another step in the decades-long erasure of the fact that our sophisticated and highly effective immune systems work well and don’t need any assistance from the biomedical/pharmaceutical industry.

As to her specific criticism of Bossche she writes,

…when combined with the contents of his open letter, it’s impossible to believe that he’s in fact an insider who’s now turned against his very high-powered comrades. It’s more likely that he’s their accomplice….

In his open letter Vanden Bossche also writes, “I can assure you that each of the current vaccines have been designed, developed and manufactured by brilliant and competent scientists.” However, he doesn’t say a word about the massive adverse-event rate and very scant efficacy profile of the vaccines that were created by these “brilliant scientists.”

Vanden Bossche also asserts that there’s an “ever[-]increasing threat from rapidly spreading, highly infectious variants.” But as I detailed in my Feb. 3 article and accompanying video on the new variants, there is no proof that they are highly infectious or will be any time soon.

Vanden Bossche also writes that some antibodies are made by the innate immune system, but that these ‘natural’ antibodies are non-specific. He also states that they have “suboptimal” “maturity, and are “rather limited and only short-lived.” He claims they are a very weak link in our immune reactions to pathogens such as the novel coronavirus. However, this is on very shaky ground. Because, among other things:

1) Vanden Bossche does not provide any direct, non-theoretical evidence that this is happening;

2) The ‘natural antibodies’ that are produced after encountering a pathogen are only a small part of a quick, effective and broad-based first-line immune-system defense — known as ‘innate’ or ‘passive’ immunity — which in fact largely comprises other components; and

3) Vanden Bossche downplays the effectiveness of the antibodies our bodies naturally produce as part of the second-line (‘adaptive’) part of the immune system that also has served us extremely well for millennia.

Bossche does have a conflict of interest in all of this—his own proposed NK vaccine. But to produce this, he has to get back in bed with a vaccine company. I am against all vaccines, because I believe they encourage or cause auto-immune diseases, which all started in the 1980s along with the introduction of the vastly increased schedule of vaccines for children. The autism epidemic started during this time frame as well. An MIT & Harvard Study echoes the danger of the mRNA vaccines that Dr. Tennpenny warned against above:

“If our cells become permanent (rather than temporary) Spike Protein producing factories with permanent alteration of our genomic DNA, this could lead to serious autoimmune problems.”

Lastly, here is a story about how the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) funded by a host of government and globalist organizations like Monsanto and the Rockefeller Foundation are making war on natural remedies, and Dr. Mercola, in particular. Dr. Mercola details not only how they have falsified the evidence against him in their complaint to the FDA, but how for years CSPI funded and promoted “trans fats” as healthy and other clearly debunked mainstream fake health solutions and covered it up. This is another great lesson in the conspiracy against truth and good health.

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