Dr. Nick Begich: The Hidden Monks Masterclass Empowering Virtual Event

Total time approx. 13 hours 15 minutes!

“WELCOME TO THE MASTERCLASS” – Part 1. (approx. 30 minutes)

Dr. Nick Begich Teaching The Hidden Monks Masterclass Empowering Virtual Event

Starts at 2:35


Part 2 (only 1 minute — technical difficulties)

Part 3 (approx. 2 hours 40 minutes)

41:40 Walk-through library tour

Starts at 3:10

Part 4 (approx. 4 hours 35 minutes)

Part 5 (approx. 40 minutes)

Part 6 (approx. 3 hours 5 minutes)

Starts at 2:45

Part 7 (approx. 1 hour 40 minutes)

Starts at 0:40

Visual tour with music through library and memorabilia (6 minutes)

Starts at 2:25

Dr. Nick Begich Teaching The Hidden Monks Masterclass Empowering Virtual Event

Streamed live on Apr 1, 2021

The Hidden Monks Masterclass is a solutions based virtual event
featuring Dr. Nick Begich.

See https://thehiddenmonks.com​
for more details.

Help make this event possible! https://paypal.me/TheHiddenMonks​

Dr. Nick will reveal the keys to success through a number of avenues including his daily rituals for success, an approach of looking inward to both resolve past guilt and pain, as well as look outward at the context of our world today.

The Masterclass will dive into the topics that shape our current social, political, and financial challenges. Dr. Nick’s expertise and insight into topics such as mind control, renewable energy, technology, weather modification, and the inner workings of the political elite will helpput the pieces together to form a big picture. From there, the role of you as an individual will be more clear. How can you change the world?

How can you fix problems in your life? Dr. Nick will hand over the keys to unlocking your power as a creative conscious being.

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#localgovernment​ #freedom​ #government​ #selfgovernment​ #healing​ #hope​
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#GreatAwakening​ #newworldorder

Directed by Paula Randol-Smith – Green Wisdom TV

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Edited by Nathanial O’Guin


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