Alex Honnold w/ Joe Rogan 3/30/21

My Notes:

68:20 Joe: “You get vitamin D [when spending time outdoors], which is one of the best things to combat Covid. They found that 84% of the people in the ICU with Covid had insufficient levels of vitamin D. 4% had sufficient levels. … Most people are deficient. … They think it’s a giant contributing factor to low immune systems, weakened immune systems.” Then Joe explains how dark skinned people need much more sunlight to get enough D.

143:45 Joe discusses a study in which he says hyperbaric oxygen therapy can increase people’s biological age by 20 years. I don’t see “20 years” mentioned in these related articles:

The study:
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases telomere length and decreases immunosenescence in isolated blood cells: a prospective trial

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy extends life, the telomeres, and everything

159:25 Joe: The key to learning how to stretch properly: little incremental pushes through pain and breathing exercises. Deep breathing, hold into it. Joe did it that day for 45 minutes.

16130 Honnold: “I’m pretty much always sore … climbing 6 days a week.”

163 Honnold has been tested as having more REM sleep than average

177:30 Joe: High altitude training: takes months to completely acclimate to high altitude. For fighting: train low (so workload is greater), sleep at high altitude to get higher blood cell count.

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