Chuck Baldwin: A Righteous, Honorable Death: Not All Men Share It – Memorial Day

It starts out good:

20:45 “It’s not enough that brave men die. They must die for truth. … I would venture to say that the vast, vast majority of the soldier who have died on the battlefields or world history have died defending a lie.”

But then Chuck justifies the American Revolution, which James Perloff exposes as another lie. I tried to share this with Chuck on his Facebook page, and he banned me.

(video) James Perloff: Who Fired the Shots Heard Round the World? – REVOLUTIONARY WAR a FREEMASONRY FALSE FLAG • There were NO ONEROUS TAXES laid on Americans, nor other legitimate reasons to revolt • The BREWERS of revolution: SAMUEL ADAMS was a Dick Cheny-like warmonger; Paul Revere’s role; HIDDEN GUNMEN fired the first shots; THOMAS *PAYNE* (an atheist) wrote the Declaration of Independence • The 50 year PLEDGE TO SECRECY

A Righteous, Honorable Death: Not All Men Share It – Message by Dr. Chuck Baldwin on May 30, 2021



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