Skousen: Fauci illegally decided which of his emails were released — thus no smoking gun

World Affairs Brief, June 4, 2021 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.
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Dr. Anthony Fauci is one of the wiliest medical politicians I have ever seen—constantly revising his positions on the Covid false pandemic to deflect the latest exposure of contradictory positions he took earlier. There has been a lot of speculation in the alternative media about Dr. Fauci’s true double dealing, but now, thanks to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by Buzzfeed and the Washington Post, a large portion of his government-service related emails have been released. There is evidence in them of his duplicity, but the emails have been heavily redacted so it is likely that the worst has been blacked out to protect Fauci. Taken as a whole, his emails show a worrisome concern from the beginning that the public might find out that the Covid virus had been engineered with “gain of function” technology that he and other co-conspirators helped to fund at Wuhan. That, in turn, is why he has been trying to divert all talking points about the virus’ origin toward natural animal transmission and away from China’s biolevel 4 lab in Wuhan.

But strangely, we find no real smoking gun admission of any conspiracy with others to create a false pandemic–it’s almost as if Fauci was able to remove all those incriminating emails before release of the FOIA. Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch says that is what happened.

…in the end, even though much can be interpolated by these emails, there is NO SMOKING GUN–no actual proof of criminal collusion or Fauci directly implicating himself in a conspiracy to promulgate a false pandemic. And there is a reason for this: Contrary to all FOIA law, Fauci the target of this FOIA request was allowed to decide which emails to releaseTom Fitton of Judicial Watch found out that the reason the government took over a year to produce these emails is that Fauci was being allowed to review them before release. He was one of those requesting the emails. He kept demanding answers from government about why the delay?

Why are we now getting them? Whether Judicial Watch or these other media outlets got them. We’ve asked for these documents for a year… And you know the reason they told us they are slow-rolling them? In part because Fauci himself is reviewing each document before it is released… I’ve been doing this for 24 years. I am not aware of a senior official like Fauci being directly involved in FOIA releases the way the government told us he is.

That implies that Fauci had veto power over what to release, which is totally illegal–though done all the time with Deep State people like Hillary Clinton who have immunity.

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