Michael Franzese: Life in the Mafia, stealing $millions; J. Edgar Hoover was blackmailed …

1:08:30 JFK and Bobby Kennedy murders

1:11:30 How J. Edgar Hoover was blackmailed: taped by Mafia with boyfriend doing stuff in their bugged bathroom

Feds cleaned up the unions

1:20:50 The most authentic Mafia movies

Michael Franzese on Joining Mafia, Stealing Millions, John Gotti, Michael Jordan (Full Interview)

Apr 25, 2019


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In this full interview, Michael Franzese speaks about his life as a former New York mobster and caporegime of the Colombo crime family, where through the gasoline tax rackets in the 1980s he reportedly made more money for a crime family than anyone since Al Capone. During the height of his scheme, Franzese was selling half a billion gallons of fuel a month while earning approximately $10 million a week, all the while keeping the tax revenue for himself which was spread throughout the family. Additionally, due to the substantial profits being made, Franzese was able to sell the gas at the cheapest prices in the city, thus becoming known as the Robin Hood of his community.

Elsewhere, he talks about family turmoil where his own father put a hit on him after leaving the mafia, who later was given an 8-year prison sentence after Franzese’s brother wore a wire and took the stand against him. Additionally, he mentions how the mafia killed Jimmy Hoffa and extorted J Edgar Hoover, as well as sharing information he heard regarding the mafia’s involvement in JFK’s assassination. 

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