James Perloff on The Ripple Effect podcast: Covid lies and truth

This is Perloff’s first appearance in a number of months.

21:00 Perloff’s own vaccine injury history

1:04:50 Who owns the fact checkers!

1:08:00 Evidence that Covid wasn’t an accident

1:16:30 It’s backfiring on them. They pushed down the accelerator too fast. …instead of just boiling the frog, like they usually do.”

1:34:30 Perloff: “You can really see the Satanic nature of the hierarchy that runs this country from the top. … This is a battle of good verses evil.”
Vernandas: “I’m not a religious person.”

Perloff was born in 1951.

The Ripple Effect Podcast #336 (James Perloff | COVID And The Agendas To Come)

Premiered Jul 8, 2021

James Perloff is a historian, researcher and author. James was on episode 39 of The Ripple Effect to discuss his book, TRUTH IS A LONELY WARRIOR: Unmasking the Forces behind Global Destruction, and James returns to the show to discuss his most recent book, COVID-19 And The Agendas to Come.

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